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New Release: Book Cover: It's Autism! Now What? Some Things You Should Know, by Jeanette Duby


It’s Autism! Now What?

Some Things You Should Know

Whether you have an official diagnosis or you’re still waiting to see the doctor, this book gives you some resources, ideas, and avenues you can pursue to get your child the help they need so you are not wasting effort and valuable time. You do not have to wait for an official diagnosis or therapy to start healing your child now.

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Grandparents Raising Children With Autism

Grandparents Raising Children With Autism

Heavenly Father, you are and have always been faithful even when we can’t see what lies ahead. When the unexpected happens, and it will, can you guide us accordingly, through the twists and turns? Please help us to keep our eyes on you. In Jesus’...

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NEW RELEASE – It’s Autism! Now What?

NEW RELEASE – It’s Autism! Now What?

NEW RELEASE!! Available on Amazon NOW! Only $9.99 It's Autism! Now What? Some Things You Should Know by Jeanette Duby I pray this book helps you navigate all the twists and turns, questions, fears, wins and losses that living with autism brings....

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Debbie Massengale Kreisler


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