30 Days To Understanding the Bible – Church Era

30 Days to Understanding the Bible – The Church Era

The Church Era is our topic in today’s video lesson. We are taking our lessons from our book titled “30 Days to Understanding the Bible” by Max Anders.

Max Anders discusses something many of us are familiar with – church, but more importantly, the Church era. In this session, we will look at the following subjects:

  1. Universal Church
  2. Local Church
  3. Leadership
  4. Membership

“The church is to be the physical representation of Christ on earth now that He has returned to heaven. What Christ did, we are to do. What Christ said, we are to say. The message Christ proclaimed, we are to proclaim, and the character Christ manifested, we are to manifest.”

Church changed me.

In 1999, a dear friend invited me to church. I grew up in the Catholic faith. My friend grew up as a Southern Baptist. I accepted her invitation to attend her church one Sunday, and my life has never been the same. I look back at my life now and wonder where I would be had I rejected her invitation. How different would life be for my family? What would I be doing, and what would my passion be?

I found my passion.

My passion for Jesus Christ continues to grow each year. Attending and participating in the local church contributes to my spiritual growth and walk with Jesus. I learned a long time ago I cannot grow by myself. I need others who contribute to my spiritual growth. Seasoned saints with years of wisdom and hearts for Christ aid in my daily walk with Jesus. Their desire has become my desire to see others find Christ as I did.

Please don’t discount the local church because you never know how God can change your life for the glory of His kingdom.

I’m sorry if the local church injured you. Sadly, many have been injured by the local church.

We’ve all had a bad burger from a well-known burger joint known for its golden arches. But did we reject every location from that day forward? Most of us found a different location to grab our favorite burger. It’s the same with church. Find a new church that preaches the whole counsel of God, not just certain books or popular topics. Find a church that preaches about Jesus Christ!

Always remember that imperfect and broken people fill churches worldwide because Jesus is the only one who holds the title of perfection.

Let’s dive into the Church era.


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