30 Days To Understanding The Bible – Missions Era

30 Days to Understanding the Bible – The Missions Era

Missions. For many people, the word missions bring up images of deep woods in some remote place halfway around the world. The people who inhabit those remote areas don’t usually speak the same language or enjoy some of the same comforts of home.

Still, for others, it brings up memories of news stories telling of tragic deaths or imprisonment of missionaries and pastors.

I believe only those who feel called by the Lord to travel to remote areas of the world go willingly and stay for years.

Under the direction of the Lord, they anticipate and pray they will meet lost people in remote villages who will give their life to Christ. For them, it is an honor to serve the Lord in this way.

Many churches and individuals around the work support mission work and missionaries around the world through several avenues.

I have listened to several missionaries talk about their experiences. I don’t think there has ever been a time when those missionaries have regretted their commitment. If anything, missionaries are excited to get back to the work of sharing the gospel – the good news of Jesus Christ.

Missionaries exhibit a great amount of bravery, but I also believe they rely on a more significant amount of faith within.

Session #18 – The Missions Era – Join me as we travel around with the Apostle Paul on three missionary journeys.


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