30 Days To Understanding The Bible -Prophecy Books

Prophecy Books are the subject for today.

I know the word, prophecy can be a scary term. To others, it’s a term that some people have hijacked and sounded the alarm incorrectly.

There are 17 prophecy books in the Old Testament that everyone should read.

We often ignore the books of the Old Testament because we view them as “old news” or “irrelevant” in our day. On the contrary, prophecy books have a purpose, or they would not be included in the Bible. And let’s not forget, the whole Bible is the inspired Word of God.

Did you know that there were both major and minor prophets in biblical days?


The Old Testament contains five books written by major prophets and 12 books written by minor prophets.

The major prophets were known for writing longer books, while the minor prophets, yes, you guessed it, wrote shorter books.

Let’s dive in and see what else this session has to teach us about the prophecy books of the Bible.

I hope to see you there.


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