30 Days to Understanding the Bible – Sin – Yuck!

30 Days to Understanding the Bible – Sin – Yuck!

Sin. It’s an ugly word. The word doesn’t exactly paint pictures of beautiful flowers or bring to mind precious moments and memories with loved ones and friends. For me, sin does the opposite.

It reminds me of the many failures in life – those moments where I knew once I followed through with my intent to take certain actions, I made the wrong choice. The cost was evident and the reward was meaningless. At times, painful and long-lasting.

When I talk to folks, many don’t know what the word “sin” means. Or they don’t think what they are doing classifies as sin. I remember the days I didn’t know what sin was. I remember doing those things that displeased God. And I remember I didn’t feel bad about doing them either. I learned and perhaps the hard way about sin, my sin and what displeased the Lord.

Today is no different for some. Mention the word sin and you are accused of being judgmental, blind, or a killjoy. God has been accused of taking all the fun away, a dictator of unrealistic rules and boundaries.


What I have learned over the years is my sin was hurtful to me as much as it was to God. My sin was not beneficial to me. Oh sure, it may have felt that way in the short term, but in the longterm, I could see the effects and the results of those choices that had come home to roost. I came to the realization that my ways were not better than God’s ways and I learned that God does know best when it comes to my life.

My regret? It took me too long to come to that realization and I wasted a lot of time and suffered a lot of pain. If only we could rewind. But then again, I learned some valuable lessons that can be passed onto others as a warning of what to avoid.

Tonight, let’s talk about what stinks – sin.


Jeanette Duby, The Teaching Lady

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