Are You Unprepared?

Seven days into my new baby girl’s life, I took her to the doctor. She had been having issues with the formula, which created something I had never seen before as a new mom. Her output didn’t resemble the output of other babies or any other human being. I didn’t know anything about being a mother or much about babies, but I knew enough to know that it wasn’t normal when I saw that. The doctor’s office set an appointment for me, and I immediately took my daughter in.

Upon arrival, we checked in, completed all the usual paperwork, and waited our turn.


I made my way back to the room with my new baby in tow and proceeded to follow the nurses’ instructions.

“Please remove the diaper.”

Not a problem. They weighed her, looked her over, and then the doctor came in. We talked about what the strange output looked like. He asked me to describe it.

“Oh, let’s see. Do you know what sesame seeds look like? That’s what the output looks like – a bunch of white sesame seeds all lumped together.”

We talked about formula and trying another brand. Then the nurse told me to put her clothes back on, which included a diaper. Oops! A diaper?

She had a diaper on when we arrived, and I didn’t know they would be removing that diaper.

I didn’t have another diaper with me. The nurse looked at me confused and asked, “Where’s your diaper bag?”

“Diaper bag? I brought my purse. I didn’t bring the diaper bag?” I responded.

“Do you have a diaper in your purse?”

That’s a silly question. Uh – NO! I left the house without the diaper bag. I brought the most important thing with me to the appointment, the baby. I didn’t think we would lose her diaper inside the first ten minutes of being there. I have been to many doctor’s appointments and never lost my undergarments, and I didn’t carry spares.

New moms – word of advice – Don’t leave home without your diaper bag.

Bottom line – I was unprepared.  

I didn’t know what to expect at a pediatrician’s office with a new baby.

What I expected for output didn’t happen.

I left the house unprepared.

I didn’t know you had to have four arms to carry everything, including the baby.

Did I mention I was unprepared?

There are days we feel unprepared to handle the stresses of this life. There are days we feel unprepared to speak to people about important things. And there are days when we feel unprepared to talk to people about what God did by sending His son, Jesus, to die on the cross for our sins.

How can we feel more prepared to engage others in discussions about what Christ did on the cross?

  1. Pray
  2. Read our Bible
  3. Join a Bible study group
  4. Talk to God about it, and spend some quality time with Him.
  5. Fellowship with other believers.

Listen, folks, it’s like studying for a test. We have to study and prepare if we are to pass the test.

I think it’s the same thing here. Reading the cliff notes version will not be beneficial in this instance. We have to study and prepare. If we invest the time to study, prepare, and pray, we will be more comfortable discussing the cross with lost people in this world.

Time is flying by, and the world is getting more corrupt and evil every day. We don’t have much time. Prepare for engagement and engage while there’s still time.


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