Bible Journaling

Bible Journaling has become one of my favorite past times

For years, I have read the Bible, but it has always been a little difficult for me to retain everything I read.

Bible Journaling has helped me remember what I’ve read by drawing a picture related to the passage.

See some of my journaling

On this page are just a few of the many pages I sketched out and drew. It’s fun, and the number of ideas and topics is endless.

I realize some people struggle with drawing, but I will share my secret with you. I google Bible passages, specifically the verses, and suggested images or photos of those passages. Then I try to recreate them on the page and color them.

I have a dear friend who draws, paints, glues, and creates some of the most beautiful work I have ever seen in a Bible journal. I think she would agree that drawing and journaling steady our souls, quiets the day, and allows us to draw closer to the Lord through illustrating His Word.

There are other ways to journal

Of course, there are other ways to journal in your Bible. You can write down keywords that stand out, draw symbols, or make notes about what grabbed your attention. You can make a list. Any one of these methods will help you. I personally like drawing. I can escape the stresses of the day using a colored pencil.


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