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A Spiritual Inventory Book Cover

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A Spiritual Inventory

The Hand of God in a Sinner’s Life

Have you ever taken a spiritual inventory of your life?

I believe we should record everything the Lord has done in our lives so we can share our stories with others.

God preserved the history of his people in the Bible, so we could see that we, like them, are sinful and struggle but God is faithful.

As with past generations, God seeks a personal relationship with each of us. When we choose to follow God, he promises to be with us. However, when we walk away from God or reject him, we, like the people in history, will suffer the consequences of our decision.

I share my spiritual inventory to encourage others to inventory their lives. I never want me or my child to forget everything the Lord has done in and through our lives.

Our history matters. Our spiritual inventory matters. God’s history matters more.

Rave reviews from readers…

Lynette C. Woide

“This book grabs your attention and your heart from page one. I could not put it down! Not only does the author share her testimony and her heart, but encourages the reader to think about their personal testimony and their relationship with their Lord and Savior. The encouragement she offers lifted my spirits. This book helps make you a better person, through one’s relationship with Jesus. You will not be disappointed in this read!”

May 11, 2023

Sara Fender

“This small book is a powerful read!!! Once I started reading at 4:00 am could not stop! Until I was at the last few pages. And the beauty of it is the author is a friend. Buy it, you’ll be better for it!

 May 6, 2023

Joanne Peters

“In this time of confusion, inflation, war, deception, doubt, depression, corruption, it is refreshing to read a book that places hope right in front of us! Ms. Duby takes an inventory of her life events and highlights how God presents himself to her in sometimes covert and sometimes overt ways. She encourages the readers to do their own spiritual inventories so as to not miss out on God’s presence in our lives which is so needed during these challenging times. For me, being of similar age and similar experiences, this is a welcomed read and a ‘no brainer assignment'”!

April 8, 2023

Debra Tomaselli

“Once I started reading this book, I couldn’t put it down! In fact, I’ve finished reading it but I keep picking it up and rereading passages. What a treasure. Yes, everyone…It’s THAT good! A must-read! It’ll get you thinking about how God has worked in your own life!”

April 3, 2023


“I really enjoyed this book and it did make me stop and take inventory. I need to be reminded that my purpose is to tell others the redemption story! I will add that I know the writer and I adore her. Great writing!”

April 12, 2023

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More Reader Reviews

Cheryl Weber

“… If anyone is looking for a true life experience from Salvation to dealing with life, this is the book for you to read! It has a great storyline and she reminds you often of where our strength comes from and where to go for the encouragement to get JUST what you need!

I thank God that you are just the perfect you! And that you allow him to lead your words of encouragement! And Thank You for the personalized copy!!”

Dec 7, 2017

Alice Wood

“Bridge to Grace was a fabulous book that shows us that we all have some dysfunction in are lives and it is ok! It also shows us how to have empathy and compassion for what others are going through. This book is full of showing us God’s grace and understanding through the power of prayer, as well as some very important medical statistics and how to maneuver through the medical bureaucracy and paperwork.

If you want to laugh, cry, love, and feel the power of God’s love for each of us, then this book is definitely for you. I promise you will enjoy it.”

Oct 16, 2017

Sharon Pollis

A Story of Life and Death but most of all – Love!

“This true and very raw story of the author and her brother is poignant and gripping. I could not put it down. The message she shares of Christ’s endearing and enduring love for all is powerful and sets the reader to thinking strongly about our own lives and family and how we can do better to make sure we share and impart God’s love. The factual information about illness and death at the end is a valuable resource as well. This is a must read!!!”

Jan 25, 2017

Great Book!

“I bought this book from my friend and it is a great devotional. She has a knowledge of scripture and can explain it to anyone with a thirst for learning the Bible. She has a great sense of humor and would be a great motivational speaker. I hope she writes another one soon.”

Sep 21, 2012

Uplifting, entertaining and inspiring

“I read this book in the span of two days. I was hooked by each heartfelt story. The author’s humor and style were contagious. A great read for anyone who wants to discover how fruit of the spirit is produced in our lives.”

Jul 23, 2013

Amazon Customer

A wonderful devotional

This book really touched me! Every word written to Glorify God! I would recommend this book for your personal growth as a Christian. Very easy read, would be great to do as a group.

Sep 16, 2012