God Can Handle It All!

Yes, I believe God can handle it all! Yes, big and little, broken and messy, God can handle it all!

When I was about 22 years old, I worked as a short-order cook in a small restaurant west of town. By day, we were a family restaurant, and by night we were a little pub for the locals. The nights started at 3 pm every day. 3 pm seemed to be quitting time for the locals.

I ran the small kitchen on my own for a long time. When running a little kitchen like that, you have to learn how to handle several different things simultaneously. You have to prioritize everything and consider deadlines, how long items will take to cook, what you can leave sit, and what you must address. Working alone, you wear several hats simultaneously; cook, dishwasher, food prep, and server, all the while trying to be sure you can please the customers, so they return.

Some days it was a real pressure cooker (I never used one of those, by the way). Other days it didn’t go well at all. Moreover, there were other days when someone would pay me a wonderful compliment on my eggs. I cherished those days because they came few and far between. I’m not saying I was a horrible cook, just that one customer brought me a big trophy for being the best eggs in Florida. He thought my poached eggs were the best anywhere this side of the Missippi. I might still have that trophy in the attic.


Why all this talk about the old days and cooking? It got me thinking about how I felt during those days so long ago, and I was reminded of how God handles everything. God handles way more than my seemingly small abilities. He manages my stuff times a trillion and has no problem with deadlines, time constraints, burning stuff, or prioritizing things. God can handle all our junk, all our issues, and all our concerns. There’s no need to worry about it. Ah, but we do, don’t we?

Yes, we do.

So, what are our options?

Tomorrow, let’s look at some of those options. In the meantime, let’s pray.

Father, I thank you for handling all my problems and concerns today. Thanks for lifting those burdens from me. Please comfort those who are hurting today, scared and worried. Please comfort those who don’t have all the answers. Thanks, Lord, for being there each day. In your Son’s name, I pray, Amen.


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