God Can Handle It – Part 2

God Can Handle It – Part 2

In the previous message, I stated, ‘God can handle it all! Big or small, messy or unorganized, painful or joyful, God can handle it all!’ Today, I want to look into the subject a bit deeper.

Let’s get back to the message of God being able to handle it all. You probably asked yourself how that can be.

Here’s what I think

One of the things I am reminded of is how much bigger God is than we are. I am reminded that God created the heavens and the earth and everything in it. When I look at the scope and magnitude of creation and how it all comes together perfectly to work together uniformly, I conclude that God has indeed handled it all.

One of the marvels of this world is the sun. The sun rises and sets every day of our lives without fail. The sun warms and provides light. The sun is also instrumental in helping things grow.

Wild animals do not need our help to fend for themselves or get food. They also deliver their young without human involvement.

Stop and look around you – really look around. Have you ever noticed how intricate a flower is and the pollen that forms on top of it for flying insects? Doesn’t that blow your mind? What about birds and how easily they take off and land, how fast and how high they can fly?

Look at the human body. As I write this, my fingers move, my arms bend slightly, my mind is thinking, I see, hear, and smell the dog from a distance. All the while, my insides are processing the food I just ate, and my body is preparing itself for what comes next. It’s incredible how it all works together underneath a tough skin exterior. I’m still blown away. I can walk, talk, and chew gum at the same time.

These things are not the result of a big bang but by the hands of an intelligent creator – God.

I can keep going

The point is if God can do and create all these things and form them, so they work together perfectly the way they do, surely God can handle all our problems today.

Admittedly, it’s hard to let go of the struggles we face because if we did, we would be turning over the reigns to a Holy God, thus relinquishing control – the control we long for. Turning over our struggles begs us to trust God. Trust is difficult, especially if we are not as close to God as we should be. But isn’t trust what we should be doing in the first place? Ah, but how many of us struggle with trust?

Jesus said in John 14:1, “Do not let your hearts be troubled. Trust in God; trust also in me.”

How do we get to the place of believing God can handle all our stuff today? Trusting is an excellent place to start.

Dear Lord, thank you for reminding us that we can trust that you know all our problems, fears, doubts, and worries. You know all the things that weigh us down and cloud our minds. Father, help us trust you more and trust they will be handled in your time and in your way. Thank you for being a wonderful and thoughtful creator. To you be the glory forever and ever. In Jesus’ name, I pray, Amen.


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