Healing of a Demon-Possessed Man

In today’s video, we look at the story of the healing of a demon-possessed man found in the New Testament book of Luke, chapter 8, verses 26–39. We also read about the unfortunate outcome for a herd of pigs. Yes, pigs. Some folks say the Bible is boring. With Jesus, life is never boring. Can I get an amen?

When we read the Bible, there is so much to learn. If we take the time to study the Word of God, we will find a treasure trove of useful, life-changing truths we can apply to our life.

The folks in Jesus’ day gathered in large crowds to hear his teachings. When word got around that Jesus was in the area, many gathered around to listen to his teaching, and others hoped to be healed. Many witnessed the life-changing miracles and walked away with their lives changed forever.

In our story today, one demon-possessed man approaches Jesus as soon as he hits the shore. And it is there Jesus changes this demon-possessed man’s life forever.

What can we learn from the healing of a demon-possessed man that can be applied in our life today?

What can we learn from the people who asked Jesus to leave the area?

Is there something we can do to serve Jesus and spread the good news?

Join me as we look at a wonderful story of hope and restoration.

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