Hope And Inspiration – A Journal Entry

A lot has been happening over these last several months – some good, some not so good. Regardless, I wanted to share a journal entry dated October 1, 2009, from the journal I was required to keep for college.

Perhaps you or someone you know has been struggling with hearing from God. Maybe someone is asking if God really does exist. Whatever the question, my prayer is this journal entry will help.

“Text from the Bible this morning brought tears to my eyes and filled me with joy as I read it. Immediately my mind went back to the prayer time I just had with God, and it was like confirmation for me of what I had just spoken to Him.

It was so cool and just once again reminds me in case I had any doubts – God does exist! It was a very condensed version of my life, past and present, all wrapped into one neat little box. Praise God for His words to me.

Needs – I want so badly to retain everything I read that is good about our Lord in these classes and all the books I am reading.

Insight – I really feel God is still speaking to me through His word and these other texts.

Reaction – I rejoice that I am worthy of receiving what the Lord has for me. I want others to get excited as well and to be able to recognize when God is speaking to them.

God, you’re just so amazing! Grace, mercy, and love abound from you. How can people not see, taste, feel and know you are God and want you? If their rejection hurts me this way, I can only imagine the way it must hurt you.

Father God, I love you, and thank you for loving me!! Amen.”

Do you journal your thoughts during your quiet time with God?

Journaling is a great way to remember all those times God spoke to you or answered your prayers. Years from now, you can go back and reread those entries and glean new hope and inspiration.

Have a blessed day and remember that you are loved by the Creator of the Universe.


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