Memories Of The Way Eggs Were – Part 2

Yesterday, I started sharing another memory, near and dear to my heart. If you didn’t read yesterday’s blog post, I encourage you to do so before going further. Here’s the link. Memories Of The Way Eggs Were

Those memories often come rushing back whenever I find myself cooking for large crowds, which isn’t too often.

In yesterday’s blog, part one, I asked how prepared you were when talking to people about Jesus Christ and the good news of the gospel. I’m sure the answers varied, and that’s alright. It’s something to think about. God wants you to be thinking about it, then put your thinking into action.

Grand opening at 6 am

The big day finally arrived – the opening day of the new restaurant/pub. It was so exciting! We were new in a small town. The neighborhood had been eagerly awaiting our opening. We had too and had been anxious for weeks. How many folks would try out the new joint? Will they be happy with the food and service? Would they return? Would they tell their family and friends to check out the new place in town?

The practice run is over. 

I have to admit, I felt more anxious because the customers would test my cooking skills in a big way. Even if we only served 15 people, that was 15 more people than I had ever cooked for outside of the egg testers, and I didn’t count those. They had to be nice regardless of looks and taste.

And so without further delay, at 6 am, customers started coming in. Orders started coming in quickly. Eggs were going out with sausage, bacon, grits, sausage gravy, pancakes, toast, home fries, and ham slices. We even served up chipped beef on toast and corn beef hash.

Hungry yet?

I am too.

I cooked it all, and I was frantic the entire time. It was a small kitchen, and I had one helper. I cooked, and they washed dishes.

I made it through day one of cooking breakfast and lunch.

Let’s not forget lunch too with all the burgers, fries, chicken wings, various sandwiches, and fried foods that I never cooked before.

Come 2:30 pm, and my shift was over.

Day one is done and behind me. My feet hurt, and I was tired. I was proud of myself. No one returned a single meal.

Whew, I did it, until……

I received a call from my new boss later that evening. “Duby, we have replaced you as cook. We have hired an experienced short-order cook to take your place, and you will be his assistant. Your job will now be prepping all food, washing dishes, and doing whatever else he needs. He starts in the morning. We’re really sorry, but today did not go well at all, and we had to make a change quickly.”


Do you mean to tell me I did that bad?

No one sent their food back.

No one complained.

Have I already been replaced on the first day?

All that training, all those hours of practicing flipping eggs with no utensils, all the cracks, and stirring? Oh, the memories of the eggs I left behind. Greasy water-colored memories of the way eggs were………

I mentioned in part one being prepared to speak to someone who doesn’t know Jesus because we may only get one chance. I had one chance with these customers. If the food was poor, they wouldn’t likely come back or tell their friends. Eventually, the restaurant would fail.

If we haven’t spent time with the Lord, seeking his knowledge, and studying his word, our one opportunity to speak to the lost person may flop when we attempt to share the good news. If we are not living out the good news in our own lives, how will the lost world see a difference in us?

It’s like eggs. My eggs must be better than the guy down the street if the people are to return. We must be known for our eggs, and believe me, we are, whether we’re a good egg or bad egg.

Which would you rather be?

Let’s pray.

Father, today help us be bold and share our faith with someone else. There are people out there who don’t know you. There are people out there who have been turned off by others and aren’t following you. Father, help us be bolder and more intentional in our witness to others. People need Jesus Christ, and they need him now! The world is failing big time. In Jesus’ name, I pray all these things, Amen.


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