Memories Of The Way Eggs Were – Part 4

By now, you probably think I have scrambled one too many eggs in my life. These days it’s a whirlwind. Everything is happening so quickly, and I believe we are seeing Bible prophecy play out before our eyes, but you have to be paying attention and in God’s Word. Well, let’s get back to something much more manageable and in our control, eggs. We’ll circle back around on current events later.

Egg secrets

I forgot to tell you a critical secret about making all those eggs as s short-order cook 30 years ago. This is a best-kept secret.

I didn’t use spatulas or flipper things when I made those eggs, and I still don’t.

The trick to making great-looking eggs is in the flipping.

You need an excellent nonstick pan and a little oil or Pam cooking spray to cook eggs. And, of course, you need good wrist action. If you have those things, you do not need utensils to flip eggs.

You don’t need tools to flip an omelet egg either. Omelet egg can travel one to two feet straight up in the air and come back down in the pan on the flip side. Omelets cook faster and are less runny when you flip them over before adding the yummy contents. I do not add the contents of the omelet to the runny side of the omelet. I flip the egg over and then add the yummy ingredients.

Admittedly, my first ten attempts at flipping omelet eggs were while standing over the drain in the floor. If I missed catching the yolk on the way back down, it went right down the drain. “Health department! We have a violation!!”

I made westerns, sausage and cheese, ham and cheese, bacon and cheese, veggie omelets, and my favorite of all time to this day – corned beef hash and cheese omelet. Delicious!

Let’s talk about pans.

Regarding nonstick frying pans, I never washed them when I cooked in the restaurant. I always wiped them out with a damp paper towel, and they stayed like new for a long time and never gave me a problem with sticking. Do not use metal utensils in a nonstick pan if you do use utensils. You can, most of the time, scratch the surface.

Over easy

Over easy eggs look very inviting when the white part of the egg looks pretty, and the yoke is a pretty yellow center. If they look nasty and burnt around the edges, chances are the yoke is cooked too much. Some people like to eat them when they look like, well, I can’t say here, but use your imagination. Does anyone have a tissue? I can’t stomach over-easy eggs.

Poached eggs, anyone?

Poached eggs are effortless. All you do is boil water, crack an egg and drop it into the water, and within a few minutes, you have a nice plump egg floating in the water. Depending on how long you leave it in the water, will determine whether the yoke is runny or not. Fish out the poached egg, drop it on an English muffin with some melted cheese and some special sauce, and you have some yummy goodness. Add some home fries. Oh boy!

Scrambled eggs

Last but not least – let’s talk about scrambled eggs. I’m not too fond of runny scrambled eggs or brown scrambled eggs. Add a little milk to the egg batter to get your scrambled eggs to come out light and fluffy. Hopefully, once in the pan, a nice nonstick pan with a bit of oil, you constantly stir them until they are cooked the way you like. If you let them sit there and get hard, eventually, they brown and dry up.

Now you have all the secrets from my short-order cooking days to make some delicious breakfast meals for yourself. Try the omelets. It’s easy and fun to do.

One last thing

I’ll share this, and then I have to go. When I was a short-order cook, I won the award for making the best-poached eggs in the southeast. I received a big trophy and a blue ribbon from a customer named TR. They also named one of the breakfast sandwiches after me. My boss called it the Duby Special. The sandwich was very similar to the Egg McMuffin. All the training and watching the experienced short-order cook finally paid off.

It’s the same with God.

If you allow the Lord to teach and lead you, you will grow, and the blessings and rewards you redeem are well worth it. Believe me; they are much more significant than egg secrets, egg trophies, or a sandwich named after you. That’s not a secret. The Lord has made himself known through his creation and wants to teach you more than you can imagine.

God longs to do that in your life and draw you closer to him, like burgers in a pan, butter on toast, sausage in gravy, grease, and bacon.

Keep going?

Like cheese and ham, biscuits and gravy, grits, and salt. I better stop now; I’m getting hungry all over again.

I think you get the picture.

Let’s pray.

Thanks, Lord, for the blessings today. Thanks for drawing me nearer to you, and I pray for everyone reading this today that they, too, will draw nearer to you. May they implement the tools you have given them. May they rest in the safety of your embrace. I love you, and I thank you for not keeping your love a secret. oh, and thank you for eggs, and chickens, and pigs, and, well you know. In Jesus’ name, I pray, Amen.


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