Memories Of The Way Eggs Were – Part 5

I’ve been having some fun with memories the last few days. Eggs, bacon, and all kinds of food bring back memories of the people I befriended and the good old days when I ruled the kitchen as a short-order cook after a year and a half of training alongside a more seasoned chef. At first, I made a mess of things, but that’s grease under the skillet now.

I cooked for anywhere from 200 to 500 people each day, especially on weekends, when hungry diners would be waiting for a seat. But it was on slower days when there were breaks in the action that I got to sit and talk with some of the customers. Thinking about those days, I am reminded of all the beautiful people I met.

Family can be anyone.

In the few years I worked there, I inherited more big brothers than I knew what to do with. After all, I was only 19 when I started. I had more men and women adopt me as their own, like family. I cooked for a lot of the same people every day. They came in so often; I knew what to cook for them before they even sat down. I knew their likes and dislikes. They were real people, just like you and me. I guess it’s safe to say they liked my cooking. Otherwise, they would have gone down the road to the chain restaurant.

Remember the trophy I won for the best-poached eggs? I used to make poached eggs for TR every single day. Jim Bob ordered the same over-easy eggs and home fries every day. Fred ordered burnt toast daily because he said it helped his digestion.

Most of those people are gone now. When I think about them and where I am in my relationship with Jesus Christ, the sad thing is their relationship with Jesus never concerned me or even piqued my interest.

Jesus, who back then?

I didn’t have time for Jesus. I was busy with my new life. Out of the house at 18, I was footloose and fancy-free, poor but free. I was having too much fun getting to know all my new friends. However, I didn’t take the time to get to know them on a spiritual level, as in where they stood with God.

I wasted some good years and opportunities to witness that I will never get back.

Do you want to know something, though?

For the rest of my life, I can ask people where they stand with God.

I can ask them if they have a relationship with Jesus Christ?

Do they know Jesus as Lord and Savior?

Do they believe Jesus took on the wrath of Almighty God on the cross as a payment for their sins?

Sure, it might not be around the breakfast table, but any time is a good time to ask important questions. It’s more important than asking people they want cream and sugar in their coffee.

Listen, folks; these questions inquire about their future, which is more important than what kind of eggs they want. Do they want bacon? Who cares when we’re talking about eternity.

Let’s pray

God, forgive me for wasting all those years and not being concerned for their souls 30 years ago. Lord, forgive me for not being concerned for my soul. God help me to be bolder when meeting people. There may be folks sitting on the fence who don’t know which way to go. They need someone to come along and help guide them to you. Lord, may we be that person as the days grow darker. In Jesus’ name, I pray, Amen.


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