Old Home

I was watching television the other day and saw a commercial with a young man and his grandmother. He drove her to the old home where she used to live. She got out of the car and gazed at the old homestead, memories swirling around like vapors from a teapot.

Several years ago I made a trip down to Miami and went on a tour of the old places I used to live. I stood in front of them for what seemed like hours and walked through the houses in my mind recounting all the things that happened inside those walls. I relived the moments in the back yards and out in the streets with friends. I recounted all the times my brothers and I got into fights.

Life seemed so simple then, when I was younger. I didn’t have the responsibilities on my shoulders then. I lived carefree as a kid, my biggest worry being what was for dinner and when could I go back outside. Times sure have changed.

But the one thing that has remained timeless is who God is. He was the same then as He is today, and as He will be in the future.

That’s a memory worth revisiting every day.

In His Service




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