Video Teachings

So you can learn at home


I started recording my teaching sessions when I learned that many people could not leave their homes to attend Bible studies for various reasons. These video teachings allow anyone the opportunity to take a Bible study wherever they are.

In all the years I have taught Women’s Bible Studies, it never occurred to me that women of all ages faced difficulties that prevented them from attending Bible studies. I have realized that it doesn’t matter the age; there are varying reasons women aren’t able to attend studies at their church.

An online Bible Study you say?

Yes, this is my simple and easy answer to creating an online Bible Study… a study you can complete at your own pace. And my prayer for you is that your faith journey will deepen and grow as you learn more about the best selling book of ALL TIME, the Bible. God wrote this book, and it’s been the number one bestseller ever since!

Take a look below to see the Video Teachings available here on this website… they are FREE and available to you on your schedule and at your leisure!

Why learn from home?

Some of the reasons women cannot attend are not bad, but good things call for them to be home. For instance, children, a sick relative, an aging parent, and now the COVID-19 virus. Perhaps they are a one-car family, or they have no funds available to pay for a sitter.

Some women cannot attend due to medical issues, including a dear friend of mine who was confined to her home because of a  debilitating illness. Video teachings are a great way for her to stay connected to learning.

And then there are the mature seniors who in many cases cannot drive at night. They are afraid to be out after dark. They have difficulty seeing at night, and so they stay home.

The original reason I began these video teachings was due to a working mom who couldn’t attend my Bible Studies at night because she had young kids. But she could watch the video teachings while her kids were at school, complete the lessons and search her Bible for more information while they were gone or sleeping.  So due to her suggestion, here I am today.


Available Video Teachings

30 Days to Understanding the Bible

Based on the best-selling book  “30 Days to Understanding the Bible” by Max Anders. Learn the Bible’s key people, events, and doctrines. A great overview of the entire Bible.

The Bare Bones Bible Handbook

The Second Video Series is from a book titled “The Bare Bones Bible Handbook” by Jim George. This book is the perfect resource for learning about each book of the Bible in short, fascinating overviews.

Know Why You Believe What You Believe

A Guide for Sharing your Faith. This study is designed to initially lead you into saving faith in Jesus and in turn use it to help lead others to Christ.


Sermons & Other Videos

This page contains miscellaneous videos I have recorded on various subjects. My goal is to teach on matters that are easy, yet helpful, and encourage personal growth.