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I remember when we first suspected Jaxon might be autistic. A friend of mine is a Special Education teacher. She and I spoke, and she suggested I contact a local organization that does developmental analysis on toddlers up to three years old. I will share the organization information on a separate page with other similar resources that may help you, especially if you live in the Central Florida area.

I took my friend’s advice and contacted the representative, and she came out and did a two-hour analysis of Jaxon. When her report was complete, we met and went over her findings. She was the first person to confirm we may be looking at autism. Then she handed me several books and suggested I read them to gain more information about his condition.

Free books. Do I need to read all of them?

If I wanted to help Jaxon, I needed to read the books to get a head start on helping Jaxon while I waited for an official diagnosis which could take many months. Admittedly, it was overwhelming at first.

Which book do I read first?

What is the biggest struggle we are dealing with at the moment?

For us, it was sensory-related, so that’s where I began. I wanted to understand everything about sensory issues since I had no prior knowledge or knew it was even a thing. If I could help Jaxon while we waited for our appointment, it would benefit all of us.

Many parents and caregivers are waiting on appointments to get formal diagnoses and therapy for their child/children. I know because we were one of those parents. We were able to get an official diagnosis pretty quickly. Praise the Lord.

Following are the books I have found helpful in getting answers for our little guy. Not everything applied to Jaxon, but I better understand what other children experience. I assume you can buy these books on Amazon.

Disclaimer: I cannot tell you what to do and what works for your child. I am simply sharing what we have read for Jaxon.

Is it easy? No. Does it take a lot of time? Yes. Is Jaxon worth my effort? Definitely.

Resource Books




I hope the above information was helpful.


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