Some Nights I Can’t Sleep – My Brain Won’t Shut Off

Like me, you may lay awake most nights thinking about what’s happening in your life. Thoughts of what happened earlier in the day run through your mind. Could you have made a different decision, said something else, kept your mouth shut, or moved in another direction? What about tomorrow? What will you do about that particular situation? Are you willing to resolve the issues? Do you have a full day planned? What will you do if the test results are not what you hoped?

There are so many things happening in and around our lives; it’s no wonder we lay awake at night, our brains unable to rest.

So if this describes you even a little bit, what else can you do at three in the morning? Pray.

I hope the following prayer gives you some comfort.

Dear Lord, I lay awake at 3 am many nights thinking about the day and what is to come. I have a lot on my mind. I have a lot going on in my life. What will happen today? There are so many things happening around me, with family, friends, and around the world. Lord, sometimes my brain has a hard time shutting off.

Father, I pray for all those experiencing similar middle of the night, sleepless moments. Feeling anxious, afraid, sad, and tired can run rampant in our minds. Please give us peace and comfort to get the rest we need.

Lord, I pray for those affected by winter storms and other natural disasters. Sometimes people are not adequately prepared. Please keep them safe and warm.

Lord, there are so many sick people all over the world. It’s not as easy as we think. Medical workers see so much pain and experience many trials and tribulations with the sick. Please strengthen them each day, Lord, and keep their families safe. Thank you for sending kind and compassionate people who have given their lives to help care for sick people.

Thank you, Lord, for all you have done. Thank you for all you have provided. Praise you, Lord, for answering prayers. I love you and can’t imagine going through this life without your power and presence in my life. Lord, you are mighty and worthy of my praise. To you be the glory. Oh, and Lord, help me rest in the assurances of your promises, protection, and provision. I know you love me, and you see things long before I do. Who am I that you would be mindful of me? I am so thankful you care.

In Jesus’ name, I pray amen.


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