Stool Testing – Part 4 – Signs

The same friend who told me to get Jaxon a gut test is the same friend who saw Jaxon scratching at his backside. She pointed to him and said, “He has a yeast belly! He is scratching back there, and that can be caused by yeast.” She saw a sign of yeast. Guess what? She was right.

If you are joining me for the first time, welcome, I have been sharing our journey on this blog with our three-year-old grand nephew, who was recently diagnosed with autism. We have been raising him since April 2020.

Once we got the autism diagnosis, we started looking for ways to treat Jaxon’s symptoms in hopes he would improve. Our journey led us to stool testing and wow, did we find a mess. Jaxon’s little gut is in a state of disrepair. We are hopeful that once we kill the yeast beast, C-Diff, and three other bacteria found in his stool, Jaxon will start talking, and aggressive behavior and irritability will decrease. For details on the testing and treatment plan that led us to this point today, check out Parts 1 through 3 of this miniseries. You won’t want to miss this information. The links will be listed below.

Signs we missed

Jaxon had several skin outbreaks over the past two years and we would call the doctor because we didn’t know what they were or the cause. The doctor would prescribe prescription cream. We would treat the rash, and a few days later, it would disappear. Jaxon would pick his lip a lot to the point of bleeding, and he would also lick his lips a lot, and get red earlobes at random times. We missed the signs.

For being such a cute little redhead, Jaxon can be aggressive and show irritability over the littlest things, and moods change randomly throughout the day. And his cravings to eat all day long were sometimes unbearable for him and us which caused more outbursts of anger when he couldn’t have more food. The kid wanted to eat all day long. We chalked it up to growing because he is tall for his age, but his weight remains stable.

Jaxon was mostly non-verbal up until a few weeks ago. He said very few words. For three years old, he should have more than 50 words and should be able to tell me what he wants. I can report now that he is expressing more sounds and more words. My friend’s son started speaking when she cleared up his gut several years ago, so I know it’s possible for Jaxon.

Not an overnight fix

We must be patient because this treatment plan is not an overnight fix for Jaxon. There’s a good chance he will have to eat like this the rest of his life, I don’t know. There’s also a good chance he may never speak fluently like other children and his aggression continues which will still require intense behavioral therapy.

I share our experiences, not to have others beat us up for what Jaxon has been through, but for parents out there who may have a child or children who are struggling. I am reminded we do not get a manual with every model.

What causes autism?

My friend, the more I dig into autism, the more I wonder if our foods have something to do with the rapid rate at which this diagnosis in children is growing. I belong to a few autism Facebook groups and I see the dismay and struggles daily. There are thousands of families affected by autism in these few groups. Can you imagine all the groups out there I don’t see who have thousands of people dealing with the same things and asking the same questions? Why? What is happening to our children?

What does science say?

Research says that years ago, 1 in 500 children was diagnosed with autism. Today, it’s more like 1 in 40 children. Some say it’s because autism wasn’t well known back then. While that may be true, our foods moved from their natural state a long time ago. Due to the increase in population and the desire to have everything quick and easy, not to mention taste good, the food processing industry has to keep up. The demand is too great.

I am no expert at food processing but when I hear a farmer say on the radio he can’t get round-up for his wheat fields because of supply chain issues, something inside of me says that isn’t right. Why do you need a chemical like that to kill the wheat so you can harvest your fields? Really? And I think how often I have heard eating wheat bread over white bread is better for me. Maybe making my own would be better. Since Jaxon can’t have yeast, perhaps I need to look into making unleavened bread as the Israelites did back in the day.

The Bible says:

“No grain offering that you bring to the Lord shall be made with leaven, for you shall burn no leaven nor any honey as a food offering to the Lord.” Leviticus 2:11

“Your boasting is not good. Do you not know that a little leaven leavens the whole lump?” 1 Corinthians 5:6

Leaven includes things like yeast, baking powder, and baking soda. The Lord didn’t want leavened bread as an offering. I can attest that a little yeast ruins a little gut, and a lot of yeast has caused significant problems in our family.

Looking for signs and clues

There has to be a common denominator that ties this altogether because how can multiple families in the United States alone have a child with autism, and some have more than one child with autism?

Join me next time as I dive deeper into this topic and search for answers.


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