The Battle of the Green Bean

The Battle of the Green Bean by Nicole H.

“It’s funny how the Holy Spirit speaks to you, even doing mundane tasks. For example, tonight, as I stand here washing dishes while listening to our toddler scream and cry – because he’s not wanting to eat a piece of green bean – I am reminded of how often we do that in life with God.

Funny how God presents us with opportunities or solutions of what is HIS best for us; yet, we fight him on it.

We refuse.
We scream.
We cry.
We shout back.
We bang our heads against the wall and continue to look for outlets that we can produce and control with our own hands.
We put our hands over our eyes to hide and pretend like it doesn’t exist or act as if we didn’t hear him correctly.

And yet, there God is.

Waiting ever so patiently for us to trust and obey – a presence & peace in the middle of the battle if we would just embrace him and not resist his hand.

His extension of grace.

His best YES.

Abba Father continues to prompt us. Day after day. Moment after moment. Week after week. Year after year.

And yet some of us still choose to leave God’s best for us on the table and try and walk in our own way.

It is only when we accept and delight in HIS best for us, that we receive all that He has to offer – FREEDOM!

If only we would just surrender and trust – choosing to walk in the Spirit, by God’s power, and love each and every day.

Oh, how life would be. His will. His way. My faith.

Whatever that green bean is today for you friends, delight in it. Eat and don’t resist.”

Thanks, Nicole. Great word for today!


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