There’s No Other Lord -Only Jesus

There’s no other Lord, only Jesus. There’s no other name above His name. And while I live, I will worship Jesus because I know He loves me so.

And so I will sing, “O my Jesus, oh my sweet Jesus, the one who went to Calvary. My sweet Jesus, my sweet Jesus, he died upon the tree for me. And though I have not yet seen Him, I believe. I faithfully place my hope in the one who died for me, loves me, and paid for my sin. Jesus is the only one who gave His life for me so I could live.

When it comes to the trials and tribulations in this world, I know I can trust Jesus.


There’s no other Lord, only Jesus. The love I feel for the Lord Jesus cannot be denied. I have too many testimonies to recall here all He has done in my life over the years. When I recall all He has done, I cannot help but be thankful. I often found myself struggling, and each time, the Lord showed me His love, guidance, and compassion.

Each memory is like a sweet berry from the vine. No two berries taste the same. The Lord’s presence in my life in every situation has been like no other. The situations are never the same. However, the way He provides and comforts me is unchanging.

I will continue to walk by faith, answering the call of my Lord.

We see the chaos all around us, and many have accepted there is no way to go back to where we were. Those days are a distant memory under the weight of all that is happening in the world today. Where did those days go, and why did they leave us so quickly?

As I look back, I can’t help but ask how we got here as a nation. Maybe it’s because we took God out of schools, and when it came to prayer, we said no.  We took God out of homes and said He had to go.

And now we’re looking at the mess we have made and think we can fix it the same way, thinking we can fix it with what we have made.

But what we need more than anything or anyone else today, right now, is you, Lord. We need you!

What we need is you, God, for you alone can fix this awful mess in which we found ourselves. You know just what to do, and if we would be thankful, repentant and true, and fix our eyes on Jesus, you’d see us through. Oh, if only we would fix our eyes on you, I know you would see us through.

While I can’t do much to change the whole of humanity, I can do my part to help them understand that the answer doesn’t lie in all our pride or ways we comprehend.

So I will keep singing, “Oh my Jesus, my precious Jesus, the only one whose name is above all other names, oh my Jesus, my sweet Jesus, yours is the only name for me. Yours is the only one I trust, my rock, my Jesus. Lord, you see it all, none is a surprise to you. I need not be shaken from my faith. Help me, Lord, to hold unswervingly to you.”

There’s no other Lord, only Jesus. Thank you, Father, for our sweet time together today. In Jesus’ name, I pray and sing, amen.

Bridge to Grace – a nonfiction novel

Jesus Wants You!



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