Thinking Deep Thoughts – Inner Peace

Do you remember the little cassette recorders we used to have? Remember the little cassette tapes? Each cassette tape had two sides, side A and side B. You could record music, conversations, or thoughts and ideas you wanted to remember. Of course that was well before cell phones.

I remember when I could buy a mini-cassette recorder for $20 to $30. I ordered one last year, and it cost me $90. I guess they’re a relic now.

I found a bunch of old cassette tapes in a drawer one day, but I couldn’t find the player, so I ordered one. I was so excited when the player arrived and couldn’t wait to hear what was on those tapes. I distinctly remember recording my grandmother when she was alive. I was hoping I still had the tape. So far, I haven’t located it yet. Boo.

One evening, when I was all alone, I popped a cassette in and pressed play. The sound does not come close to an iPhone recording in case you’re wondering.

The old tape contained some recordings from a few years back, when I used to ride in my car, singing original songs, and thinking deep thoughts. Here’s a little bit of what I recorded one day.

“I am sitting here thinking of the inner peace I have knowing my Heavenly Father.

How many people know that same inner peace?

Do they know inner joy when they think of Jesus Christ?

I wonder what other people think about you, Jesus. I know how I feel about you, but I think it’s safe to say, not everyone feels the same way. How many people have a relationship with Jesus? How many people really know that inner peace?”

When I think of peace, it transcends, it surpasses understanding. I start thinking about peace and there are so many things going on in this world today, peace can get lost if we’re not careful.

There are so many people who don’t know Jesus as Lord and Savior, who don’t possess that peace.

When I think of Christ, joy wells up inside of me, it’s an overflow that pours out in tears. I experience warmth and feelings that one cannot make up on their own or comprehend or replicate. This feeling just pours out of me through tears and swelling of my heart.

To me, that’s how I know whether I am experiencing pure joy and love for Christ. Just thinking about the sacrifice he made and what he has done for me, just flows from those things. There is nothing in this world that produces such a feeling or effect.

I think back to the old days – BC, (before Christ) it didn’t do it, it wasn’t there. I didn’t feel that pure joy. I was lonely, very lonely. I didn’t feel the happiness that comes when you have inner peace with knowing the Father. Oh, I’m so glad I know Him now!

I have so many recordings of thoughts on knowing Christ and they are such a great reminder of how meaningful He is in my life. The inner peace is priceless!

When I am feeling flustered, stressed, and afraid, and all kinds of thoughts run through my mind, I must remember how good the Lord has been to me. I must remind myself I am never alone and the peace I feel comes from him, not anything the world has to offer.

Do you have inner peace?

Do you know the peace I speak of?

I pray you do.


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  1. Jenny Frye

    I use to know peace but since the many events in my life, I’ve lost alot of my peace. I pray for inner peace all the time but I’m still searching for it

    • Jeanette Duby

      Thank you for sharing your heart with us. We pray the Lord would provide what you are looking for. I think of Psalm 91 and I take comfort in those passages when the weight of the world feels so heavy. I hope you will too.

      • Jenny Frye

        Thank you so very much sweetheart. I do Greatly appreciate your Prayers and kind words 🥰

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