Types of Doctors For Children

Did you know there are various types of pediatric doctors?

I wasn’t aware of the different doctors in children’s medicine until Jaxon received his autism diagnosis. So, I thought it would be helpful to share a list with you.

Maybe you are trying to find help for your child. Knowing the various types of doctors and their specialties will save you time in the long run.

I cannot recommend a specific doctor to you, but you can google them in your area. You can also join autism-related Facebook groups and ask for referrals. I found that was the best way for us to find a neurologist for Jaxon.

Different Types of Doctors and What They Do

Pediatrician – We are familiar with our child’s pediatrician. We usually take them to this doctor from birth through age 18. They do sick and well visits and often give vaccinations. They also do surveillance and ask us questions about our child’s development. If they find that our child needs more care above and beyond their capacity, depending on what it is, they will refer us to a pediatric specialist. When we went to the doctor for Jaxon’s two-year checkup, this happened to us. At that checkup, I learned that Jaxon needed to see doctors who specialized in areas that required more attention.

Behavioral Pediatrician – A behavioral pediatrician is a doctor who specializes in behaviors.

Developmental Pediatrician– A developmental pediatrician is a doctor who specializes in development.

Child Neurologist – This doctor studies various brain disorders. This doctor officially diagnosed Jaxon with autism.

Integrative Pediatrician – Integrative medicine is an approach to care that puts the patient at the center and addresses the full range of physical, emotional, mental, social, spiritual, and environmental influences that affect a person’s health. This doctor helped us clear up Jaxon’s major yeast belly.

Pediatric Dentist – Teeth are important. Don’t forget the dentist.

Pediatric Optometrist or ophthalmologist   Your child will have their first eye exam in the delivery room. The attending doctor will inspect their eyes and how they respond to light.

Pediatric Audiologist – This is a doctor who handles problems with hearing. These doctors also help hearing-impaired children learn to communicate.

Allergist – This is a doctor who helps with allergies. Any allergies you may have, such as hay fever or asthma, will be checked out by this doctor. Your child may also have allergies or asthma along with autism. Jaxon has both autism and allergies.

Child psychologist or psychiatrist – A child’s mental health is just as important as their physical health. If your child needs to be prescribed medication for a mental health diagnosis, then they will need to see a child psychiatrist.

ENT Specialist – This doctor treats problems with the ear, nose, and throat. An ENT surgeon would be a specialist who will be performing surgeries on these parts of the anatomy.

Is that everyone?

I did not list every field of medicine I found online; only the ones that I thought would be the first go-to for a child on the spectrum. As a side note, we have been waiting seven months for an appointment with a behavioral pediatrician for Jaxon. I mention this because the wait times are long at doctor’s offices, so schedule your appointments as soon as you can. While waiting, research and do your best.

I am reminded of a verse from the Bible that says, “On hearing this, Jesus said, “It is not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick.”

Today, I am thankful for everyone who has given of themselves to help children and families affected by autism. We appreciate them more than we express.

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Blessings to you and your family!

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