Waiting Is Like Watching Grass Grow

Have you ever watched the grass grow? A pot boil? A snail move across the driveway or a turtle cross the road? Then you know how painstaking the process can be. I am reminded of the song, “Anticipation is making me wait…”

Waiting – it’s something we don’t like to do much these days.

I once heard a story about a guy describing his experience on an airplane several years ago. The young man sitting next to him complained that he couldn’t get a signal fast enough while they were 30,000 feet in the air. The man thought to himself, “Son, when I was your age, being 30,000 feet in the air was a major accomplishment. We’re sitting in a chair 30,000 feet in the air, and you’re complaining that you can’t get a signal fast enough to play your game!”

Could it be how we look at it?

Could it be our perspective? Our impatience? One man saw the major accomplishment of just being in the air, while another focused on what he didn’t have at that moment.

We can do the same thing in our own lives. We can focus on what we have; the basic necessities, a job, a roof over our head, food to eat, family, and our health. But I would say that most of us struggle more with focusing on what we don’t have, what we want, and think we need.

That focus can seem like we’re watching grass grow or a turtle crossing the road. The frustration builds up in us, and we become impatient, cry out to God, and ask why this isn’t happening or why it isn’t happening fast enough.

My friend, God understands your waiting.

How do I know this? I think of all the times God has been waiting for me. God had been waiting for years for me to draw closer to him.

How long has God been waiting for you?

How long has God been patient with you while you find your way through this life? While you search for what you think you need in this life?

One could say it’s like watching grass grow. God has all the time in the world. I dare say we do not.

Perspective, impatience, desires, or growth – we’re waiting for something to happen, for someone or something to move while God is waiting for us.

Are you like the grass, a snail, ketchup? Waiting for the connection?

Let’s pray.

Father, thank you for being so patient with us as you wait for us to draw closer to you every day. You have been waiting on your people since the Garden of Eden. Father, help us to look at our lives through your eyes. Help us, Lord, give you our heart and mind as we put aside all the things we think we need. In Jesus’ name, I pray, amen.


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