Welcome To The Choir! A Lesson On Hope

Several years ago, I joined the choir at church, just in time for the Christmas musical. I received my book, practice CD, and words of encouragement. I was so excited at the opportunity to sing before the Lord and participate in the church musical. I had listened to the church choir sing for years, and now I was joining them. The choir director assigned me to the soprano section. Some very talented women were in the soprano section, and I often wonder if their ears hurt when they heard me sing. I never pictured myself as a soprano, but that’s where I landed.

I listened to the music CD no less than ten times. That’s not something I’m bragging about to say, “Oh, look at me,” but I listened to it repeatedly because I enjoyed the music and the message.

What was the message?

One resounding theme stood out among many in the musical, and that was hope.

Here are a few words to one of the songs that kept playing in my head even as I write this:

“And to know in our hearts, we found the missing part. He is the hope and the peace that will make this life complete. For every man, woman, boy, and girl, Jesus is heaven in the real world, Jesus is heaven in the real world….”

The key word in this musical compilation?


Jesus is the hope! And not just for a few, but for everyone!

Who or what are you putting your hope?

This world that passes away every day? Another person, a material possession, a famous person on TV, a game, a job, your kids?

Put your hope in Jesus, my friend. He is the missing part that makes this life complete.

Father, thank you for church choirs, and thank you for the ability to sing a little bit. As the song says, Lord, “the grave was not the end.” Thank you for sending your Son, Jesus, to this earth as a baby, offering hope to all who would believe. In His name, I pray, Amen.


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