Wake Up Church! You’re Sleeping On The Job

I woke up this morning with a burden on my heart again. “Wake up, Church! You’re sleeping on the job!”

If you have accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, you are part of the church. The church is not a building.

In a country where we have the freedom to express the good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ the most, sadly, it feels like it is told the least.

“Believers have been given absolutely free, no charge, access to multiple social media sites with the most unhindered ability in the entire world to share the life-changing good news of Jesus Christ, and yet it is one of the least talked about and shared subjects in all of the social media today.”

We look around and wonder why this country is falling apart rapidly. We question the rapid decline of good and the rapid rise of evil.

Peter, Paul, James, and John of old did more with a lot less to ensure the gospel’s good news was shared.

Peter, Paul, James, and John walked everywhere to share the good news. They had no electricity or devices.

Peter, Paul, James, and John hand-wrote letters that took weeks and months to arrive at their intended destinations.

Some of them endured physical persecution and death to share the good news so that you and I could have eternal life.

Why do believers even still hide behind an electronic device?

Many believers in this country have the freedom and ability to share Jesus Christ and Scripture within seconds, yet they pass. Lack of good material to share? We have the best-selling book of all time with thousands of good things to share, so we can’t use that as a valid excuse.

Fear people won’t like you anymore? Hide you? Unfollow you? Disown you? Ask you questions.

For years believers have hidden behind their fear of talking to others face to face about Jesus because they were afraid they would mess it up or be asked questions they couldn’t answer.

Today believers have the most ability to post life-changing Scripture freely (for now) each day, throughout the week, from the convenience of their chairs. And yet they don’t.


Believers have hundreds, and some have thousands of followers on their social media and still say little to nothing about Jesus Christ.


Believers have the most access to multiple free Bible studies and educational resources to understand the Word of God. Yet, it is the least posted topic on most believers’ pages.


I understand why nonbelievers say nothing about Jesus and everything about the positions and ideologies they believe.

I don’t understand why believers don’t say anything about what they believe and who they say they follow.

Is it because believers don’t read their Bible?

Have a Bible?

Take the time to read the Bible?

Care what the Bible says?

Have a relationship with Jesus?

Really believe God is real?

Have you not been changed by the gospel?

Is it because churches have failed over the years to express the importance of the gospel; instead preaching feel-good messages and hot topics of the day?

Is it because churches have failed to express the importance of reading the Bible?

Is it because we never see a Bible in the hands of the pastors preaching, so we dismiss its importance?

Is it because everything else is more important?

Is it because we are afraid of being judged or called a hypocrite because those closest to us know how we live our lives?

Have so many believers lost hope? Did they have the blessed hope in the first place?

Now more than ever, people need to hear the gospel’s good news from ALL believers. It’s like we’re living the 80/20 rule.

80% say nothing, while 20% share the good news.

2020 was the biggest unprecedented year in my and many others’ lifetime, and people need to hear good news.

They need the hope our God offers. They need to know there is more to this life than what we see in our social media feeds and on the news. But if believers don’t wake up soon, it will be too late.

Scripture says as, in the days of Noah, people were eating, drinking, and marrying, and God judged the earth and left eight people.

As in the days of Lot, the same thing. God judged Sodom and Gomorrah.

God has judged the earth before, and I believe he will do it again soon.


Because today, we find the same activity as before but even more so. It’s more prevalent and in your face 24/7 with the invention of social media. You can create your own accounts, sell images of yourself half naked or worse, and now make big money every month. Forget going into a local 7/11 to buy a dirty magazine. It’s all done from the comfort of their homes under the shadow of darkness.

My friend, one day, we will all bow the knee before our maker.

One day we will all give an account of what we did and didn’t do with what we were given.

For a generation who has been given so many opportunities and tools, it would seem this generation has used them the least, and we see the fruit of that labor – stinky fruit.

Don’t blame a lost world for your inaction.

Look in the mirror; look at the church. We are the church, and the church has veered off the road and gotten off message. The church has tried desperately to look like the world instead of Christ. Are there some who have stayed tried and true in sharing the gospel? Yes, but they are hard to find. My friends that should not be!

God forgive us for squandering all the opportunities we have had over the years since social media began to share what Christ has done in our lives.

God forgive us for thinking it is a one-hour, once-a-week, paid position-only duty.

God forgive us for thinking it is someone else’s job.

God forgive us for being ashamed of you, Lord.

God forgive us for sitting on our hands while we watch others go to hell because we never spoke the truth.

Forgive me, Lord, for all the opportunities I have squandered away to share what you have done in my life.

Father, forgive me if I have ever misled someone or turned them away from you through my teaching of your Word.

Father, forgive me for not being in your Word more.

Father, forgive me for accepting lies as truth instead of checking them against your Word.

Oh Lord, forgive me for all the times I have failed my brother or sister.

Before it’s too late and these free avenues are silenced or removed, help us, Father, to share the life-saving good news with more people so they, too, have a chance at eternal life in heaven and not hell.

Father, please give us the strength to endure the days ahead. Lord, you know what’s coming for us, and it’s not good in the short term. Evil and lawlessness are increasing daily, and many people have no idea what is happening.

Lord, I know everyone must make their own choice, but Father, today and every day, I want to choose you above all else.

Father, thank you for loving me and giving me hope to hang onto in the rocky and unknown days ahead. Thank you for your mercy and grace in my life. I love you, Lord.

Folks choose this day whom you will serve, but for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.

And to the believers who are already sharing the good news on social media, sometimes on a daily or several times a week, thank you! God sees you, and I believe God will reward you for your obedience. Hang onto the hope found in our Lord, for he is faithful! Continue to stand firm in the faith until the end!


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