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In this chapter, we introduce the Patriarch Era. Patriarch sounds like a fancy word. It’s a term that reminds me of my grandfather. When he was alive, he was the patriarch of our family. I remember spending many weekends at my grandparent’s home, eating bologna sandwiches and swimming in their pool.

Florida weekends were filled with family, big meals, and playing crazy eights around the dining table at night. I didn’t get to play as often as adults. The children were the waiters and waitresses fetching snacks and drinks from the kitchen.

Times sure have changed when I compare my grandfather to guys like Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Joseph.

In the patriarch era, we look at these men and the families they presided over. We look at generations of the same family ruling over the Hebrew people in the earliest days of there existence.

I love singing the song, “Father Abraham.” Look it up and sing it for yourself. It’s a catchy tune.

Abraham is chosen by God to “father” a people to represent God to the world.

Abraham is our central figure for the Patriarch Era, and the main location is Canaan.

Our four major men in the Patriarch Era are as follows:

  1. Abraham
  2. Isaac
  3. Jacob
  4. Joseph

Join me as we look into each of these main men.

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