Be Changed By A Perfect God

In an entry dated October 3, 2009, I wrote:

“I took some time to listen to the birds chirping outside. I just laid there, eyes closed, concentrating on their sounds, when in the background, a car revved its engine several times drowning out the bird’s song. It made me wonder about the Garden of Eden. How beautiful a place it must have been, where is it now, does it still exist? How peaceful it must have been, how all the animals, trees and foliage existed in harmony with one another. Then I thought of my own sin, and the times I was with my ex boyfriend in 2003. Even then God was pursuing me and had plans for me, plans I knew nothing about and here I am today as a result of those plans, living completely different then what I thought I would ever be. I sat and pondered where I have come from and where all this schooling is taking me. I’m so grateful and excited for God’s provisions, directions in my life, and how I trust Him with where it’s leading, and with what I will be doing with this degree. I have no idea yet. People ask me what I will be doing and I have no idea. Only God knows at this point. I am certain however that I  am to finish school and do the best I can and learn a lot. I am serving as I go along and I am getting to experience so many different aspects of my life and others. I just marvel at the fact He wants to use me for all this stuff. I just do and I am so grateful to God for it.”

Conclusion – I was changed by a perfect God

Still marveling,

Jeanette Duby

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