Camp Recap

I promised that I would share more of what the Student Life conference was like this past weekend. Not only did we sing, dance and worship God, but we also had the wonderful opportunity to hear some great messages from some guys who are devoted servants of the Lord. Their messages were very moving.

A friend of mine sums their messages up this way and I thought I would share his summary with you.

“In our conference recap last night we pondered the testimonies and life experiences that these three men of God shared with us. J.D. Greer shared his struggle with the “assurance of his salvation” as a student, 1 John 5:11-12. We discussed that our “Being Last” can only come from being assured that Jesus is who he say’s he is and he is worth being last for. Jeremy Kingsley shared his need for “humility”. His journey to that urine covered restroom floor really spoke to me. Then came Ed Newton with his story of deaf parents, a big church that ministered to his parents needs, and a little church in Union Park that ministered to him and the “encouragement” that he received from Philippians 2:1 and on. Then there was Sunday. It never ceases to amaze me on God’s timing. Yesterday’s Sunday School lesson was on the parable of the sewer. Pastor’s message was on Jonah. A weekend with “assurance”, “humility”, and “encouragement”. A great recipe for learning how to “Be Last”.

Wow, what a weekend! It will be something I will take with me.

Please continue to pray for the youth in attendance. They have a real chance to impact this word in a positive way. Pray they take what they heard to heart and to task.

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