Characteristics Of Bible Prophecy – Given by God

We are starting down a new path – looking at Bible prophecy. The Bible contains a minimum of 27% biblical prophecy, yet it seems some folks don’t study it as much. Why would God include prophecy in his Word if he didn’t care for us to know what is to come? Today, we look at the first characteristic of Bible prophecy.

Our verse of the day comes from Isaiah 41:21-24. 

“Set forth your case, says the Lord; bring your proofs, says the King of Jacob. Let them bring them, and tell us what is to happen. Tell us the former things, what they are, that we may consider them, that we may know their outcome; or declare to us the things to come. Tell us what is to come hereafter, that we may know that you are gods; do good, or do harm, that we may be dismayed or terrified. Behold, you are nothing, and your work is less than nothing; an abomination is he who chooses you.”


Who is the “them” in the above passage? The nations and their gods. God is taking the nations and their gods to court. They are on the stand – he wants them to tell what they can do since nations worship them.

Let’s consider for a moment what the gods have as proof of their greatness. According to God’s word, nothing. They don’t control history. The gods weren’t there in the beginning. There isn’t anything they can claim as their own. They have no power.

I remember the story of Elijah, who asked the 450 prophets to call down fire from heaven to burn up their offering. The false prophets called on their false gods for hours, and nothing happened.

Finally, Elijah called on Almighty God to burn up his wet offering, and God answered the call and showed his power by burning up the wet offering and everything around it.

Can false gods and idols crafted from wood and stone prophesize and tell of future events? No.

The critique of the gods leads to the condemnation of the worshipper. 

One True God.

Only Almighty God, the maker of heaven and earth, can do that, and he gave us his word, which tells us what has happened and what is to come. There are many prophecies yet to be fulfilled. I believe the Lord will fulfill them in his time. In the meantime, we need to read his word and watch the times and seasons. 

The first characteristic of Bible prophecy is that it was given by God, not false gods or idolaters.

Tomorrow we will look at the next characteristic of Bible prophecy – centered in Christ.

Thank you for joining me! I hope to see you tomorrow.


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