Child Birth – The Cross

When I think about child-birth, I’m also reminded of the pain leading up to that final push. I can’t recount for you the things that came out of my mouth when they urged me to push my daughter out. This is supposed to be a clean and uplifting devotional. All I recall was the word “explosion.” There I said it! I’d like to think I’ve changed a lot since those days.

But as I think about the hours, well actually what felt like days, the events that transpired leading up to her coming, remind me of the hours leading up to Jesus’ death on the cross. Granted mine fail in vast comparison.

I guess my thought is this was the most painful thing I had ever physically experienced, and yet it was the most glorious. A little side note here for those who are curious – I delivered naturally- I had declined the pain blockers.

A lot of things happened to me leading up to my daughters arrival. The beginning pains give you a preview of what’s to come. The minutes feel like hours, and hours feel like days. Medical staff make their way in and out, checking on you each time. I heard screams of terror from some rooms, and echos of delight from others. Family milled around, pacing with nervous energy. As time passed, the pain intensified, and more medical staff gathered. Then the long-awaited moment came. We finally arrived at the climax of what started nine months before. Within a few minutes, it was done. A beautiful baby girl had arrived, and all the pain I had experienced was suddenly and rather abruptly gone. It was finished. A new chapter in life would begin for her and for us.

When I think about Jesus’ death on the cross, he too, had many things happen leading up to his climax, which in his case was death on the cross. Jesus knew when it was time to go. As each hour passed, he neared what was to be the most painful experience in his life. He went from being dragged through the streets to trials, brutal beatings, to carrying his own cross to Golgotha, to being raised up on that very cross to die for you and me. He experienced intensifying pain, and people gathering about as he cried out to God. And then it happened. It was finished. And a new chapter in his life and ours began.

When I think about the cross, I think about the one who died for me. When I think about my labor pains, they pale in comparison to what the Saviour of this world did for me.

In his Service I will remain,




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