Childhood Memory – Whose Team Are You On?

Childhood Memory – Whose Team Are You On?

When I was a little girl, I remember sitting in the front window and staring outside, elbows propping my cheeks, head tilted ever so slightly, and eyes focused on anything that moved in the yard and beyond. It wasn’t because I wanted to be nostalgic or be off in dreamland about something special. Nope, my days in front of the window were because I got into trouble doing something I shouldn’t have. Mind you, that wasn’t very often.

I often think back to those days remembering how I used to watch all my friends play, wishing I could be outside playing with them.

Then I was reminded that I no longer have to sit on the sidelines in life. I can get in the game, and play on the team. I can get more playing time than all my years in school combined.

Who’s the team you ask?

What game? Not the Gators, not the Noles, not even the local high school teams. Nope, not any sports team. The team I’m referring to is owned, managed, and run by Jesus Christ. I can play on his team and never warm the bench.

I can make mistakes, drop the ball, run sideways, sometimes even backward, and my coach, Jesus Christ, welcomes me back every time, encourages me, and loves me. Moreover, He doesn’t scream obscenities in my face or throw me awful hand gestures of my IQ. I’m a teammate on a tremendous team, and I love it.

Who’s team are you playing on today? Who’s jersey are you wearing?

Let’s pray.

Father, thank you that I can play on the same team as you. Thank you for surrounding me with love. Thank you for all that you have brought into my life. I hope to bring you glory. In Jesus’ name, I pray, Amen.

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