Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend

Diamonds and besties

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend right? After all, that’s what we’ve heard for years. Diamonds are beautiful, exquisite and expensive, and ladies love em!

But what do diamonds look like before they make their debut in a jewelry store? I googled for an answer and found a picture and this explanation:

“Rough diamonds resemble broken glass and are translucent. One can see into them but not completely through them typically. Diamonds feel as if they have an oily film. They have a metallic luster without having a solid dull look.”

In other words not so sparkly

Diamonds aren’t beautiful when first found, and in fact, require a lot of work to get them into a jewelry showcase. They are natural and uncut. I didn’t realize the amount of work required for diamonds to go through a refining process, which includes but is not limited to cutting and polishing to extract their hidden beauty.

Alone in my imagination

Now I imagine someone taking a small hammer and pick and chipping away at the hard surface encasing the beautiful diamond. With each tap, a little bit more ugliness gets chipped away. Eventually and over time, the beauty of the stone begins to emerge, and before you know it, a beautiful stone is exposed.

We go through the same process

You may not realize this, but we each go through the same process. God takes His hammer and pick and begins to chip away at our hard exterior. Little by little, He chips away at our anger and jealousy. He chips away at the greed and envy. Slowly God continues to chip away at unforgiveness and hatred. God chips away at our low self-esteem and negative self-talk. Then He starts hitting tender spots like past pains and hurts. The pressure from the hammer creates sensitive areas that we must address. The chipping continues as He works through pride and selfishness.

Hidden beauty begins to emerge

Little by little, we start seeing the rough edges smooth over as He begins to polish those areas. He chips away a little more at our doubts, our concerns, and our fears. God continues to polish those exposed areas. When He has reached the center, and all the ugly exterior has been chipped away, He rubs and polishes until its beauty radiates like a raindrop glistening in the rays of the sun after a light rain shower. The Lord holds it close to His heart. He has made it into a beautiful masterpiece and has called it His own. And even when it was covered with a hard exterior and looked anything but impressive, God still called it His own.

It’s a slow process

Over the years, God has been chipping away at each one of us – diamonds in the rough. We are the beautiful diamond He is trying to expose. God is shaping and polishing each one us until He sees the beautiful masterpiece He intended for us to be all along.

It’s a painful experience, but well worth it. God will clean us up so others can see Jesus in each one of us, ultimately bringing Him glory.

In the Master’s hands,

Jeanette Duby, The Teaching Lady

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