My Flat Tires Continue – Flat 2 – Mark 1:13

Flat Tires continue

Satan never quits, especially when we decide to serve the Lord. Satan uses whatever he has to throw us off track, deceive or distract us while we attempt to serve the Lord. His goal is to drive a wedge between God and us, so the Kingdom of God fails to grow – so it fails to reach others with the gospel of Christ.

Let’s keep driving

When I committed to driving the church van, I might as well have walked out into the middle of the street, painted a red target on my chest and hung a sign around my neck saying, “Here I am to serve Jesus!” After all, Satan would start his relentless pursuit to put the kibosh on my efforts to be of service to God. And as he did when man and woman were created or when Jesus started His ministry, the enemy, Satan, wasted no time attacking.

We’re in the clear – or are we?

One week had passed from the first flat tire experience. Saturdays are a great day to run errands, do some grocery shopping or maybe play at the park. On this day, we headed out to the grocery store to stock up for the week.

Excited, we headed out the door. There sat old Besse, my minivan in the parking lot of my apartment complex – with a flat tire on the opposite side of the rear driver side. At this point, I am asking myself, “What is going on here? It hasn’t been a week, and I have another flat tire!!! UUUgggggg!!!!”

Get the spare

The only saving grace this time is I hadn’t driven anywhere, nor was I dressed in fancy clothes. I called my friends, and they came over and assisted me with getting the flat changed out for a new tire. It cost me another $85.00. Last week’s $85.00 in my mind was enough, but I have now spent $170.00 for these disruptions in just one week.


Satan was trying to inconvenience me and get me to stay home from church. If we hadn’t decided to go for a ride that evening, I wouldn’t have seen the flat tire till morning, and it would have been too late to get anything done about it. We would have most likely missed church.

It’s in front of our face

Too many times we fail to recognize the enemy at work in and around our lives. I was sharing with a friend of mine recently an all too familiar experience at church.

I was sharing about how many families I hear converse on Sunday mornings about how they argued in the car all the way to church, but when they walked into the church, they put on their best smiles, pretending everything was fantastic when it wasn’t. Thank God we can still get to worship. It might be a harsh car ride, but all that goes away when we enter the presence of the Lord.

See the forest for the trees

It’s in those moments we have to recognize who’s trying to defeat us, who’s trying to deflate us – Satan. Now some would say that we give him too much credit for everything that goes wrong in the world. Some days I don’t know that we give him enough credit for trying to do what the Bible says, “seek, kill and destroy.”

The enemy is serious business, and as I’ve said before, Satan doesn’t need to go after lost people, they are already lost. His target is saved people, people who have accepted Jesus Christ as Lord in their lives.

Did you know Jesus even endured temptations from Satan? In Mark, Chapter 1, verse 13 it says, “He was in the wilderness forty days, enduring temptations from Satan.”

We’re not alone in our struggles against the enemy. God is there to help us, and I am thankful for His presence to help us combat the enemy schemes and attacks.

Let’s pray

Lord, I’m grateful for your protection. When I think back all those years ago to the flat tire fiasco, I am so thankful you were by my side, protecting me, providing and guiding our family. I am so grateful for your love. You are my great provider and protector. Father, please keep a hedge of protection around me and anyone reading this today. In Jesus’ name, I pray, Amen.

 In His Service,

Jeanette Duby, The Teaching Lady

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