Got A Lifeline? Use It!

I have been in the Beth Moore study of “David” for the last several weeks. Right now, I’m studying David’s life on the run. If you haven’t had the opportunity to read about David’s life on the run, check out the scripture from 1 Samuel, chapters 19 and following.

Why was David on the run? King Saul was trying to kill him.

Why was Saul trying to kill him? He was very jealous of David. There’s that word jealousy again.

Why was he jealous of David? The Lord was with David. The people liked David. Two of his own children loved David, and were more loyal to David than to him. David was successful in battle.

David, a young man anointed by God while he was still a shepherd boy, is on the run for his life. Picture this with me: This is back in Bible times. He didn’t have a cell phone, modern transportation, a place to live, or a pocket full of money and credit cards. You might be asking yourself how he could have survived. Maybe you are thinking there is no way you could have survived in that manner without those things.

What is the one thing David did have while on the run? A Holy God.

1 Samuel records David’s life on the run from Saul. The book of Psalm recounts for us the way David felt while on the run. Many chapters in the book of Psalm record David’s prayers to God – his open, honest, and sometimes gut wrenching prayers to God. Check out Psalm 27 and 52 specifically.

Here’s the point I want to make:

David prayed openly and honestly to God. He poured it all out to God. David is standing out in the open fields, lifting his voice up to the heavens. We may not be standing in an open field, but we too can lift our voice up to heaven wherever we are, and pour it out to our heavenly Father who is able to take it.

Billy Graham said this about prayer among many others, “No matter where we are, God is as close as a prayer. He is our support and our strength. He will help us make our way up again from whatever depths we have fallen.” He also said this, “The Book of Psalms is the Bible hymnbook. It will show you what it means to walk with God in prayer and praise.”

Spend time in prayer and tell God how you feel. As Billy Graham says, “Prayer is our lifeline.”

Use it!

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