30 Days to Understanding the Bible -Judges Era

30 Days to Understanding the Bible – The Judges Era

Today in our video session, we look at the Judges era.

“The Judges era was a dark period indeed in the history of the Jewish people. They had lost their spiritual mornings, and, as is recorded in the final verse of the book of Judges, “everyone did what was right in his own eyes.”

The result was a morally degraded, socially perverted, and spiritually bankrupt time of almost four hundred years. Israel had all the wealth of the promises of God at their disposal. Yet they scavenged through the garbage of like, eking out a pitiful existence. They could have been kings, but lived like paupers.”

Our study will look at some key figures you may recognize.

Have you ever heard of the guy who had great strength and long hair? Samson was that guy. He and others were chosen as judges to govern the people for 400 hundred rebellious years.

Samson is our central figure for this era and the central location in Canaan.

Our four significant events we will discuss are as follows:

  1. Judges
  2. Rebellion
  3. Cycles
  4. Ruth

Let’s keep something in mind.

One thing I think is important to point out about the Judges era is we are not looking at judges as we know them today. The people back in Bible times did not wear long, black flowing robes. They didn’t sit on high bench seats behind big wooden desks ad throw down a gavel.

“The judges in Bible times were political leaders of Israel who exercise nearly absolute power because of their office and abilities. Please don’t confuse the judges of this era with the judges we know today. We are talking about two different groups of people.

Join me as we look into each of these main events.


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