Monday Musings – What Is Eschatology?

Welcome to Monday Musings, where we talk about anything and everything in and outside the church. In today’s blog, we will look at a word we hear in and out of the church – Eschatology.

I remember the first time I heard someone say eschatology. I had no clue what they were saying. Big words are not my strong suit, in case you haven’t noticed. My mind doesn’t think like that, and I struggle to understand complex issues. I have to study and study some more. Eschatology is one of those big words, but fortunate for me, not very complex.

Eschatology is the study of what Scripture teaches on the end times. Sounds simple right?

Question – Are you currently attending a church that has or is teaching on end times events, also known as eschatology.

A few weeks ago, a dear sister in the faith reached out to me. She recently moved to a little town in Florida, and she wanted to know if I knew of a church in her area that taught on end times events. Unfortunately, I couldn’t point her to a church teaching on Bible prophecy and end times events.

She is not alone in her quest. Many believers today are searching for someone who is teaching eschatology.

I believe churches need to teach eschatology today. Many believers are walking around unaware of what the Bible has to say on the subject.

Why should we study eschatology?

Eschatology helps remind us that this world is not our permanent home. Believers need to look beyond what is happening on this round ball and look to heaven.

Is it as crucial as understanding who Jesus is and what he did on the cross? No. But it is something we should study because the Bible speaks of end-times events. We should read the whole BIble. It’s one continuous story. However, you should know that the BIble is not written in chronological order. The Bible has a purposeful order in the way it is set up, specifically the Old Testament. For more insight on how the Bible is set up, check out my teaching videos titled 30 Days To Understanding The Bible on my YouTube channel.

So, why aren’t more churches teaching eschatology?

Last week I was listening to a video teaching on this very subject, and here’s what they proposed as to why churches do not teach eschatology?

  1. Some pastors do not believe in end-time events or the timing of such events.
  2. Some pastors think if they teach on end-times events, people will stop tithing and coming to church.
  3. Pastors do not want to scare their congregations.
  4. End-time events are not feel-good messages.
  5. It’s thought that many people sitting in the chairs wouldn’t be able to understand the teachings.
  6. End-time events are not conducive to being topical that apply to someone’s struggles.
  7. Some pastors believe the end of the age has already happened in AD 70.

Whatever the reason, I believe we should teach the whole Bible. Not teaching the whole Bible would be like reading cliff notes for a test but never understanding the whole story. God’s word is one of hope, love, promises, directions, discipline, examples, and sacrifice. If God didn’t want us to know the whole story, he would have written his own version of cliff notes.

So what is one to do with eschatology?

Read your Bible. Study the word of God and take notes. Ask the Lord to help you understand his word. In addition to asking the Lord for guidance, I find that having a few reputable Bible commentaries also helps me understand passages. Pastors use multiple Bible commentaries and other resources like Bible dictionaries to help get the correct context and meaning of the passages.

You can also find a local church that teaches eschatology, but as I mentioned earlier, very few churches teach on the subject, so people are forced to look online. There are several reputable preachers online who teach eschatology. Please make sure they are reputable and not false teachers.

God gave us his word for a reason.

Eschatology doesn’t have to be scary, and we need not be filled with fear. God gave us his word to help, guide, and make us aware of what we can expect; what is to come. But if we do not read God’s word, we will not know what to expect. We cannot rely on 30 to 45 minutes a week listening to someone else tell us what God’s word says. Those guys simply cannot cover it all. You must read it yourself.

Grab your Bible and ask the Lord to guide you in your quiet time with him. Ask him to help you understand. The Lord is faithful, and he loves you!


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