Plug Into The Power

I have a very healthy respect for electricity. Electricity earned my respect when I was 12 years old. One night I plugged my bedroom lamp in, not knowing the back of the plug had fallen off. Talk about a surprise. I didn’t know part of the plastic cover on the plug had fallen off. When I pushed the plug into the wall, my finger made contact with the wire inside the plug, and whammo! Within seconds, 120 volts of electricity sent me across the bedroom. Power is no joke.

I mention this because there’s a change when we plug into Jesus, but it is not hurtful. There’s an excitement, a charge if you will, when we plug into His power.

We need to plug into Gods’ power.

Let me give you an example.

I like toast. But to get toast, I must use a toaster and plug the toaster into the wall. But what do I need for the toaster to work? Power, or as some would say electricity.

This same power works through the toaster and powers it to toast my bread. And then I spread butter and peanut butter across it and eat it. Delicious.

But, if I don’t plug the toaster into the power source, my bread will not toast. The toaster is useless.

Furthermore, I can plug my toaster into the wall, but there’s still no power if I don’t pay the power bill.

If I don’t plug into God’s power, I won’t be able to enjoy the fullness of what God has for me.

Not only do I need to be plugged in, but I need to pay the bill, so the toaster works.

I believe it’s the same with God. If we are not plugged into the real power that is the Lord, we will be useless.

We can look like we are plugged in, but if we aren’t doing what is required to turn that power on, what good are we? What have we really done? We look the part but are we walking the part?

Living for the Lord requires an investment on our part. The Lord wants a relationship with each one of us, but we need to do our part. We can’t be like the toaster that is plugged in but not pay the power bill.

Like the defective plug that sent me flying across the room, we are faulty, and we need a Savior. We need the cover to be complete, and the Lord Jesus is that cover that completes us.

The Lord is powerful and worthy to be praised and loved, and he is the true power source for our life.

We can plug into the power, God’s power and enjoy an exciting, fulfilling life.

Will life be easy each day? No. But having the Lord as our power source will guarantee that we have what we need to make it through each day.

So turn the power on as soon as possible and plug in!

Father thank you for the ability to be able to plug into your power. Thank you for the opportunity we have to enjoy a relationship with you. Its exciting and thrilling all in one. Father, I love you and I am so thankful I can call you daddy. In Jesus’ name, I pray, Amen.

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