Plug Into The Power

I have a very healthy respect for electricity. Electricity earned my respect when I was twelve years old. One night I went to plug my bedroom lamp in not knowing the back of the plug had fallen off. My finger mistakenly took the place of the plastic cover and upon making connection with 120 amps my bottom found a new seat across the bedroom. Maybe that’s what’s wrong with me today. One has to wonder.

I mention this because when we plug into Jesus there’s a change, but its not hurtful. There’s an excitement, a charge if you will when we plug into His power.

The author of Life’s Healing Choices tells us that we need to plug into Gods’ power. It’s like plugging a toaster into the wall. If I don’t plug the toaster in, my bread isn’t going to toast. I need the electricity. If we don’t pay the bill, there’s no power.

If I don’t plug into Gods power, I wont be able to enjoy the fullness of what he has for me.

Like the defective plug that sent me flying we’re defective, yet we can plug into the power, Gods power and enjoy an exciting, fulfilling life.

Plug in!

Father thank you for the ability to be able to plug into your power. Thank you for the opportunity we have to enjoy a relationship with you. Its exciting and thrilling all in one, much like being plugged into 120 amps, well if I was a toaster. You know what I mean Father. Love you and so thankful I can call you daddy. In Jesus name I pray, Amen.

In His Service




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