Sermon Snippets From The Book Of Malachi – Chap 2

Today, we look at notes from a sermon series my pastor preached a few months ago. We’re looking at the book of Malachi, chapter two, in today’s lesson. I love these small books; as I have mentioned, they aren’t preached on much. Let’s dive right in.

The warning is now directed to the priests. This isn’t a good sign because it tells me they haven’t followed the Lord the way they should. And if they are to be the example, they haven’t been a good example. Do we see similarities in churches today? You bet we do.

The Lord will curse you if you do not listen to him or honor his name.

The Lord is sending a warning to all.

He uses Levi as an example of what doing it right looks like.


  • Revered the Lord
  • Stood in awe of the Lord
  • True instruction came from his lips
  • Nothing false came out of his mouth
  • He walked with the Lord – in peace and uprightness and turned many from their sin

We should follow Levi’s example.

A priest should preserve knowledge. Why? Because he is a messenger of the Lord, people seek instruction from his mouth.

The Lord tells the priests they have turned from the way causing many to stumble and violate the covenant. The priests were not following the Lord’s ways. They were showing partiality in matters of the law. As a result, the Lord caused them to be despised and humiliated before everyone.

The Israelites had a problem with unfaithfulness. The issue is that they were marrying those of other faith backgrounds – worshipping other gods.

The more you bring in other gods, the more separated you are from the one true God.

They were flooding the Lord’s altar with tears because he didn’t look on them with favor anymore. Of course, they wanted to know why.

The Lord responds it is because they had been unfaithful to the wife of their youth. God made them; they belong to him, and he desires godly offspring.

Unfaithfulness in marriages is unfaithfulness to God.

But God still pursues them and calls them to move forward.

So, what are we to learn from Malachi 2?

Be faithful.

Be on guard.

Bring your best.

We’ve all been called to the priesthood, so bring your best sacrifice, offerings, and teachings.

Thank you, Pastor Joel, for the great sermon notes on Malachi, chapter 2. I must remember to be faithful, be on guard, and bring my best.


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