So Long Neighbor – Hugs

A few weeks ago, I had the awesome privilege of going to see Beth Moore live again. The subject? Hugs.

I love Beth Moore for her honesty, frankness, and willingness to be vulnerable. For those not familiar with Beth Moore, check her out at the following link.

The theme of the weekend was a Blessed Embrace. As we were taught over the weekend, Embrace was not simply a hug but a real embrace. It represented the space between your chest and whoever your arms were wrapped around.

There are different types of hugs.

There’s the one-armed hug. You know, the one where it seems the other person isn’t really into you or doesn’t want to catch cooties or something, so they one arm you. It’s hard to figure out which direction it’s coming from – left or right?

Then you have the hug where one person attempts to let go, and the other is squeezing you so tightly, you can’t let go if you wanted to. So you continue to hug, and you attempt a few times to let go, and they are still holding on. Have you ever experienced that one?


Then you have the hug where it’s just the best hug you’ve felt in years. And you tell them too, “you are the best hugger!” Those are the kind you don’t mind staying in for a while. Now, mind you, the other person may be wanting out of it, having loosened their grip on you ever so slightly, but you didn’t feel it. You loved the hug.

So long neighbor.

This morning I said goodbye to my long-time neighbors who are moving to Missouri. The moving company took all their stuff Friday. My neighbor admitted they didn’t think this through and keep a few more clothes out for themselves. They wouldn’t see their stuff till next week. I felt sorry for him.

It was almost 90 degrees outside, and he clearly wasn’t wearing a shirt under his now sweat-soaked dress shirt. This was one of those times a one-armed hug or a wave from a distance was called for, but he wasn’t having that. No. I got both arms out; come here, I’ll never see you again. Hug me.

Admittedly, I didn’t squeeze hard in return. It wasn’t because I wouldn’t miss them. They have been such good neighbors. I am sad to see them go, but I understand their concerns for her mother. They must be near her.

An embrace.

I am reminded of what Beth Moore taught about an embrace versus a hug.

“A hug requires an arm. An embrace takes the heart.”

Embrace is such a formal word, but when understood in the Bible context, you will see a world of difference between a hug and an embrace.

I’m going to leave this here for now. Next time we meet, I’ll give you some more details on the teaching of embrace. Beth Moore had some compelling lessons on embracing that I want to share with you.

Blessings until then.  Now hug someone!

Jeanette Duby

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