Take It Down To The Frame – Potential

I shared with you my camper experience a few weeks back and that brought to mind the other camper I owned years ago. Oh, the potential.

I bought this camper for fifty dollars. The catch was I had to tow it home myself and it was located deep in the woods. For fifty dollars, I felt it was well worth it.

I got a friend with a pickup truck and together we drove to the woods of Jupiter and fished this camper out of the woods. This was what they call a “diamond in the rough.” You have to imagine that this camper had potential, it had promise, and it had a lot of problems, but for fifty bucks, it was very doable. Getting home was a challenge considering it had been sitting in the woods for a long time, and the tires weren’t exactly worthy of short trips, let alone long trips.

Stay with me now.

You have to see the potential.  I brought that baby home and immediately started planning my attack on this camper. What were the best ways to get the results I was looking for? What was the least expensive way to get it in a condition suitable and safe for camping? As in anything that requires a lot of work and investment, I set out to take it down to the frame. I needed to strip this trailer clean, tear out the inside and start from scratch.

God looks us at that way. We have potential, we have promise, and we come with a lot of problems. We need a lot of work, but we are worth it. He knows we are worth it. As we come into a relationship with God, he starts to get down to the frame. He starts stripping us clean of all the ugly stuff in our lives. He starts weeding out all the things that hinder our growth in Him, that hinder us from really drawing closer to Him. He sees the potential, he sees the promise in us.

Do you see the potential or promise in yourself that God sees? Or when you look at yourself, do you see problems? Tomorrow, we’ll dig deeper into the lesson.

Let’s pray.

Father, I thank you for the potential and promise you see in me. I thank you that you are constantly molding and shaping me into your workmanship, a work I hope brings glory to you, Lord. Lord, be with everyone today and help them to see the potential they have in you. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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