Teachers Who Make a Difference – Part 2

Teachers Who Make a Difference – Part 2

Our lesson on teachers who make a difference continues. If you haven’t read Part 1, please check it out.

To this day, I have fond memories of my fourth-grade blind teacher. I remember her as an older woman, stocky build, gray hair, and blind. She didn’t wear glasses to cover her eyes. She didn’t care. One of the things I remember so clearly about her was when she taught. She read the lesson plans with her fingers. Her school books were in brail, and her fingers glided along with the dots like an expert. I remember her going from page to page, pretty quickly. Years of practice served her well.

Were we bored? No. There was no time to stare. From yesterday’s story, however, there was time for some to cut up and fool around in class. Even then, she didn’t lose time handling their punishment – the army commander took care of that. I wonder if she ever grew tired of spanking children from the blind teacher’s class?

Have you ever noticed brail?

We often see brail on various things and wonder how long it would take a blind person to get the words down, to figure out what letter or word the little dots were making. They would have to learn those early on. They would have to read lots of books to get the meaning of what it said. When you think about it, that’s no easy task.

When I think about the school administration there, they went out on a limb to hire her. She convinced them blind or not, she was a great teacher, and she was. Sometimes I wonder if she would have made it in today’s society with some of the kids in schools today. School is a lot different today than when I attended all those years ago.

When I think of her

Here was a woman who wasn’t afraid to follow her dream of becoming a teacher. I never did find out what caused her blindness, but I would venture to say given her expertise at reading brail books; she had been blind for a long time. I was impressed the school board had brail books for the curriculum available. That fact alone is impressive and a glimpse of God’s provision. Do you know teachers who make a difference in people’s lives? Are you one of those teachers who makes a difference? If you are, thank you for your valuable service to your community.

Would she have heard of Jesus? What if she had the opportunity to be healed by Jesus Christ? What would she have done with the miracle he gave her? Could she use it to glorify God? Would she have spread the good news about Jesus Christ?

Every day, God is doing something beautiful in someone’s life. Every day He is healing people. Sure, we don’t always see some of those things the same as some of those people saw it in Jesus’ day, but I believe God heals people from their afflictions all the time.

Go and tell

What do those people do with it? Would they tell everyone God healed them? Do they go back to their business as if nothing spectacular happened? Who would they give the credit? Do they thank God for what he has done in their lives?

Sometimes we are just as blind as my fourth-grade teacher. We find ourselves feeling around with our hands, but we have no idea what the dots say. There’s a pretty famous saying that goes like this, “the blind leading the blind.” In today’s society, we have a lot of blind leading the blind. Do you want to be lead by someone who can’t see clearly? Or would you prefer to be lead by God almighty, maker of the heavens and the earth, of all that is seen and unseen? Follow Jesus. Seek him out, and I promise you, you will not roam around aimlessly ever again.

Have a super day, beloved. God loves you and sent his one and only son to die on the cross for your sins. Don’t be blinded by the lies of the enemy.

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