The Arborist Story – Take 5 – Tree Trimming

Welcome. If you are joining us for the first time, we have been talking about tree trimming. Two very tall trees, to be exact. I encourage you to check this story from the beginning and follow along. I will list the link below.

Let’s pick up where we left off with our tree trimming story.

The fireman yelled to my neighbor up in the tree, “Do you have a professional license to cut trees?”

“Um, no sir.”

“Do you realize you could have caused a lot of damage or hurt someone by doing this work yourself?”

“We don’t mean to hurt anyone. We’re just trying to help out this single mom, our neighbor, get this tree down. She cant afford a real tree service and she has asked the power company several times to come out and trim it for her and they ignored her requests.”

At this point the fireman turns and looks at me.

Shrugged shoulders, I nodded in agreement with the neighbor.

Here comes the power company.

As we were standing there getting the fourth degree about safety precautions and the like, the power company showed up. But not before my lovely neighbor on the other side of the fence in the back came to see what all the excitement was about. AND, to let us know her oven full of food had lost power and she was going to sue me over lost electricity and inconvenience. Boy, was she hot and not from sweating.

Here we are, standing there peacefully and calmly discussing the matter with the firemen, and the lady begins to scream at my neighbor up in the tree.

I can’t repeat the words she used here, but you can imagine how upset she was not having any electricity and an oven full of food.

Thankful for the power company.

The power company technician went to the pole nearest the fire spot and sure enough, we had blown the transformer to the whole neighborhood – except my house. How my electric stayed on, they still don’t know.

While he was tending to that, my neighbors were exchanging nice words to each other, one from the ground and one from the air. It was like something out of the silent movies, only their words weren’t very silent.

I will admit, my tree trimmer did try and remain polite to the lady even though she was thrashing about at the back fence. Her son soon heard all the commotion and he came to her defense as well. Now we had two of them at the back fence making threats to take further action.

The power company got the electric turned back on in about 15 minutes.

I begged the power company to send a professional tree trimmer out as our cutting was done for the weekend. We hadn’t finished and the top of the tree still needed to come down.

They assured me they would make the request and a few days later, they arrived and took the top of the one tree off for $50. They didn’t offer to take it down to the ground, nor did they offer to cut the other one down or trim it.

To make matters worse, they left the branches strewn all over the yard. I guess the other blessing was that they didn’t charge me for the blown transformer.

Now, I have one full tree and one tall stump in my yard. Way to go!!

Proverbs 9:10, “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, and knowledge of the Holy One is understanding.”

Oh we’re not done with this tree trimming story. There’s more to come.

You ask, “How can that be?”

Oh it can be! After all, we still have an ugly stump and one more tree to go….I’m thinking to myself at the time – Wait till my boyfriend hears about this.

May the Lord bless you and keep you safe. May He surround you with His love. See you tomorrow.

In His Service

An Arborist Story: Trees; Psalms 33:13-15

Bridge to Grace – a nonfiction novel



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