The First Woman – A Humorous Look Into Her life

First Look at Eve – A Humorous Look

In this video, we take a fun look at Eve, the first woman. Think about it for a moment, especially if you are a woman. 

You know all the things we love to do as women. Hair, nails, dressing up, and spending time with friends and family over coffee.

But have you ever thought about Eve and her experience on the earth?  I imagine the first time she suffered period cramps or when she stubbed her toe.

What about the first time she tried a piece of fruit and spit it out because of the taste? And what about when Adam woke up with bed head? I know, I know, all these silly things. However, they were human like you and me so is it so far fetched to think they would have experienced some of the same things we experience today? Their perfection before the fall was about being sinless. It had nothing to do as far as I know about their five senses. I think it’s fun to think about.

As we read in Genesis, Chapter 2, we read that God creates the first woman from Adam’s rib bone. God made Adam a suitable helper. Adam named her Eve.

I have always wondered what it must have been like for the first woman.

Let’s look at one perspective, a humorous one on what it might have been like for the first woman experiencing so many firsts as the first woman ever created.

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