The Six Foot Ceiling – Part 1 – Get A Job

I was thinking about how God has been working in my life, and I have to tell you a story of when it was so obvious, there was no other explanation. Sometimes we need stories like this.

Yesterday in Sunday School, we read several accounts from the Bible where we just knew there was no other explanation but God. For a good example of this and one that I will always find interesting, read the passage in 2 Kings 6:1-7.

Onto the story.

Several years ago, my daughter and I moved from West Palm Beach to Orlando. I found temporary housing for us, intending to buy another home.

Let me go back a little and give you insight into how God was working in my life. I can recognize his presence now, but living during those moments, I wasn’t quick to recognize who was really in charge – not quick at all.

When I moved to Orlando, I still owned my home in West Palm Beach. That meant I still had a mortgage to pay on a home up for sale, and I had to pay rent on our apartment. I had lost my job in West Palm Beach and scoured the area for work to no avail.

It was at the advice of a friend that I seek employment in Orlando. After all, there were all kinds of job opportunities in my field of expertise. She was right; there were, and so with no job, I rented an apartment in Orlando, with the idea being if I lived in Orlando, I could get a job easier. I would have already handled the transfer and moving, and I could start right away. It seemed that in every interview I went on, relocation was a concern, so I squelched that factor.

Still no job.

Even with all the job interviews and reassurances for callbacks, come moving day, I still hadn’t secured a new job.

On the day I determined to move, I went to U-Haul early that morning to rent a moving truck. It was going to be a long day. A few friends since high school agreed to help me move.

While I was driving back in the U-Haul, my phone rang, and a company in Orlando advised they were excited to welcome me as their new employee. ‘Wait! What?’

I was to start right away, but they knew I had to get moved and settled.

Here I was driving down I-95 talking to my new employer. In looking back on those days, I had stepped out in faith and didn’t know it. I thought I was doing all the work necessary to better myself, but God already had plans in place, and little did I know, I was falling into the position he had laid out for me.

Talk about clueless.

When I arrived back at my house, I was so excited to share the wonderful news with my friends. This was a huge relief to all of us and exciting too.

I’ll be in a new town, a new home, with a new job, and new people. I still don’t know how I’ll make all the payments necessary, but I’ll figure something out, or so I thought to myself. I can honestly say I don’t recall telling myself God would provide. Little did I know, but that’s what God was doing.

How is that?

God’s word says he is the provider.  Numerous verses in the Bible talk about God providing for his people.

Look at what Job says – Job 5:10, “He provides rain for the earth; he sends water on the countryside.”

Do you grasp the enormity of that verse? Rain for the whole earth? That’s a pretty big job. Surely, my God provides for us too.

Let’s pray.

Father God, thank you for your provisions and thank you, Lord, for having a plan for my life and for bringing me to the Orlando area. I don’t know where my life would be today if it had not been for your provisions. In Jesus’ name, I pray, amen.

The saga continues, so don’t miss part 2 of this wonderful story. In the meantime, have a glorious day knowing almighty God loves you!

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