Trials Can Produce Good Fruit

Trials Can Produce Good Fruit

The other day I was out in the back yard working on a few things, and I took notice of my lonely fruit tree. I had given up on that orange tree last year. It had taken a few beatings from the cooler weather in the past few years and looked like it was on its way out. Being anything but a citrus expert, I gave up on the tree and accepted defeat.

I had let it go so badly, what I call a weed had taken root and had entwined itself and almost overtaken my orange tree completely. But as I approached the orange tree, I saw amongst the “very tall weeds” an orange.

There it was, a pretty round fruit hanging from the branch. I pulled the weeds to the side, and there were a few more oranges. I couldn’t believe it. My tree had survived the bitter winter and somehow managed to gain strength and produce fruit.

What’s the lesson?

Sometimes we go through trials in our lives that attempt to choke the life out of us. Trials try to prevent us from producing fruit. When it seems like all hope is lost and you’re ready to give in to the choking weeds around you, break forth. Reach toward our Savior, Jesus Christ. Accept His strength, take hold of His hand, and don’t let go.

You have a purpose here on this earth, and it’s not to be choked out by any weeds. Your purpose is to be fruitful. You are to produce fruit – fruit that will last.

Let’s pray

Father, today I come to you, and thank you for showing me that no matter what I go through in this life, I should never give up hope on you. We should put our trust and faith in you no matter the season. We may get choked out by the weeds that try and overtake us, but help us to reach out and grab your hand. You will save us from the muck and mire. Thanks, Father, I love you. In Jesus’ name, I pray, Amen.

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