When Your Parents Need Assisted Living

Last year brought many challenges for the world. We saw a virus and changes in life unlike any other. Remember the multiple changes we endured regarding masks and shutdowns?

People fought over toilet paper and cans of Lysol. No one knew the exact makeup of the virus or how to handle it. Honestly, the whole thing has been a disaster from the beginning. I don’t know that we will ever learn the truth or have the correct data. Lives were lost, and that’s tragic. Those families will never be the same.

In July of 2021, our family learned it was time for my stepdad to live in an assisted living facility. His dementia has increased to the point where he can no longer live on his own with my mom. Mom has had a rough few years as my dad’s dementia has worsened.

So a few months ago, the decision was made to move them from their lovely home in the North Georgia mountains to Florida to be closer to all their children. North Georgia while beautiful, doesn’t have the abundant resources or options needed for my parents.

Have you ever had to move your parents from a roomy home to a place smaller than your bedroom? What can you part with because you can’t take it all? There’s not enough room for everything.

I anticipate sharing this story over several blogs because of the amount of information I have to share about the process.

Prior to August 2021, I never had to search for assisted living places for my parents. I learned a lot, and I think it would help someone else when the day comes. I wish someone had told me what was involved and how much money it costs.

You don’t need to wait for another blog post for me to share one crucial tip – assisted living places are expensive!

Start saving now if you do not have long-term care insurance or someone able to take you in.

In my case, I am raising my three-year-old grand-nephew in a small house. He has behavioral and developmental issues. There was no way I could take on the challenge of my mom, let alone my dad. The doctor recommended dad go into memory care. Mom went into assisted living because at some point soon, she will need more help than I can give her. As I write this, that time has already come for her. I am thankful she and my dad saved the money necessary.

If you didn’t know, memory care is very expensive and what appears to be the final step before a nursing home or hospice.

Why so expensive? Dementia patients require a lot more care than your standard resident in an assisted living facility.

Some people have insurance for this, but I find many do not.

There’s so much to share with you about the assisted living experience that I believe will be helpful. Having now gone through it, someone else can benefit from my experience.

Join me next time as we dig into the adventure of assisted living.

But before we go, let’s pray for all those in this profession and help our loved ones each day.

Father, I thank you for all those men and women who give themselves daily to help someone we love. Lord, please strengthen them for each day. Please protect them from those who don’t know any better and unknowingly cause harm. Lord, please keep them well and protect them from sickness and disease. We thank you, Lord, for their heart to serve others. Bless them, Lord. In Jesus’ name, I pray, amen.

In His Service,

The Teaching Lady

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