30 Days to Understanding the Bible-Exile Era

30 Days to Understanding the Bible-Exile Era

In Session #10, we talk about the Exile Era from the book we have been teaching from titled, ’30 Days to Understanding the Bible,” by Max Anders. The Israelite people are on the move again, this time being led where they do not want to go.

What happened to the Israelites?

The reason? They have been disobedient again and God allows a foreign nation to come in and take them over and into exile. They will spend the next seventy years in Babylon.

The author of “30 Days to Understanding the Bible,” Max Anders,  tells us that, “Sin is a fact of human existence. And God will forgive whoever comes to Him in repentance. But that doesn’t change the fact that sin has consequences. God forgives the man for jumping off the building, but the man will still fall to the ground.”

We will be looking at four main divisions in the Exile era:

  1. Prophecy – Warning of impending captivity
  2. Prophets – Encouraging faithfulness of exiles
  3. Exiles – Assimilated into the culture
  4. Power change – Persian empire expands

I hope you enjoy the session.

This series has been so much fun. I have learned a lot myself and going through the study again has been a great refresher course. The more you review the information, the easier it gets to recall.

Have a great time and learn a lot.


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